Graben Clinic offers highest-quality medical services to shape the right body
Graben Clinic offers highest-quality medical services to shape the right body
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Laser skin and healthy beauty care offered

Graben Clinic was established on Dec. 15, 2016 by Dr. Kim Jeong-min, a plastic surgery & skin care specialist, and Dr. Kim Beom-soo, a posture correction doctor, for the purpose of providing the “right medical treatment for the right face and right body type."

Dr. Kim Jeong-min of Graben Clinic

According to Doctor Kim Jeong-min, Graben Clinic seeks to shape the right face and body type through the right treatment. He said, “We try to help our patients use our right treatment and prescription in comfortable surroundings and, of note, our experienced doctors of chiropractic and exercise therapists are committed to shaping the idealistic body type through the right treatment of necks, shoulders, spines, pelvises and legs.” “Indeed,” he said, “ours is the idealistic medical institution specialized for body corrections.”

Dr. Kim Jeong-min, principal director of Graben Clinic, carries out injection treatments, such as Botox, filler and intradermal injections. He also conducts face lifting which makes your face beautiful and energetic. There are upper eyelid, lower eyelid and double-eyelid surgeries which can resolve the functional and cosmetic issues at once. In addition, he said, “We offer laser skin and healthy beauty care.”

Dr. Kim Beom-soo, co-director of Graben Clinic, is specialized in corrections of frozen shoulders, turtle necks, scoliosis, twisted pelvises and bowed legs by using X-lays and other tools. With the support of doctors of chiropractic (physical therapists) and exercise therapists, he strives to shape the right body type.

From left: Lee Han Sae, Jeong Joo Seong, Ko Gyun Seok, Noh Hwa Jung, Kim Beom Su, Kim Jeong Min, Yoon Hae Ri, Lim Jae Ryeong, No Hae Jong.

A summary of an interview with Dr. Kim Jong-min follows:

Question: What led Graben Clinic to be different from others clinics including overseas ones?
Answer: Graben Clinic seeks to correct the whole body from hairs to tiptoes. We work to secure the balance of body functions.

Q: What are advantages of your medical institution?
A: There are lots of clinics which work for body corrections and skin & beauty care. However, Graben is special. It is the only clinic that carries out nonstop
treatment of the face and body and restores the original beauty.
Graben Clinic, located in Teheran Road in Gangnam, southeastern Seoul, conducts plenty of research on realization of the beautiful faces and the right body. Both Dr. Kim Jong-min, a plastic surgery & skin care specialist, and Dr. Kim Beom-soo, a posture correction specialist, have been devoted to medical treatment for more than 20 years. We are tirelessly working for better prescription and treatment.
We try to offer the right medical treatment that patients need, based on correct prescriptions. We are focused on corrections of the face and body type, rather than on the “treatment only for money.
Collaboration in medical treatment: We seek medical collaboration, while our medical specialty is different. We carry out prescription and treatment on our respective areas. Dr. Kim Jong-min is specialized on the treatment for the right face and face, while Dr. Kim Beom-soo strives to shape the right and idealistic body type. We will do our best to materialize better treatment through medical collaboration over areas that need mutual cooperation.. .

Q: Do you have any plan to expand your clinic?
A: Graben Clinic opened its doors just about three months ago. Nonetheless, the clinic has specialists who have been engaged in medical treatment more than 20 years in their respective fields. We have no plans to expand our clinic right now.
Since our vision calls for carrying out the right treatment through the right therapeutic measures, we will work harder to enhance the quality and efficacy of medical treatment. We will move forward step by step to grow into the right clinic, while doing so may take time. As a result, our patients will be benefitted by quality medical services at reasonable prices. Our patients will be satisfied with our right medical treatment.

Profile of Dr. Kim Jeong-min:

- Graduated from Yonsei University’s College of Medicine and its graduate school
- Completion of residency at Severance Hospital
- Medical specialist/Doctor of medicine
- Adjunct professor of Yonsei University’s College of Medicine
- Ex-director of Cheongdam Clinic of Seoyon Plastic Surgery
- Full member of Korean Academy of Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine
- Full member of Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society
- Full member of Korean Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine
- Currently, principal director of Graben Clinic

Please call Coordinator Noh Hwa-jung (Korean) to make an appointment: 010-8871-8390

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