President Moon Jae-in says: “We (Korea and United States) go together!”
President Moon Jae-in says: “We (Korea and United States) go together!”
  • Lee Kyung-sik
  • 승인 2017.06.14 19:42
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During his visit to the ROK-US Combined Forces Command

President Moon Jae-in of Korea visited the ROK-US Combined Forces Command in Yongsan, Seoul yesterday, met with General Vincent K. Brooks, commanding general of the ROK-US Command, and declared: “We (Korea and the US) go together!”
In a separate development on the same day, the Presidential Mansion of Cheong Wa Dae in Seoul announced the visit of President Moon to the US for a summit meeting with President Donald Trump.

President Moon Jae-in (center) shows his fist with General Vincent K. Brooks (left) and Presidential National Security Advisor Chung Ui-yong with a Korean slogan ‘Paiting’ (which corresponds in English to “Go!”, “Come on!” or “Cheer up!”

President Moon is scheduled to make an official visit to Washington D.C. from June 28 to July 1, and has a summit meeting with President Donald Trump. It will be the first ROK-US summit meeting since they took office as President. This was announced by the Presidential Mansion of Cheong Wa Dae in Seoul yesterday.
This visit by President Moon to the United States was arranged at the invitation of President Trump. For two days, June 29 and 30, the two Presidents will have a series of official events, including a welcoming dinner, a summit and a joint press conference.
The two Presidents are expected to exchange ideas on the directions of cooperation to further develop the ROK-U.S. alliance, on joint measures for the fundamental resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue, on the realization of peace on the Korean Peninsula and on the enhancement of substantive economic cooperation and collaboration on the international stage.

President Moon (center) shakes hands with General Brooks (right).

During the upcoming visit, President Moon will also sit together with Vice President Mike Pence and other key figures in the U.S. Administration. In addition, the President is scheduled to take part in events to be arranged by the U.S. Congress, academia and the business community as well as a meeting with representatives of the Korean community. As of now, discussions between the two sides are underway to determine details.
President Moon’s visit to the United States this time is a significant opportunity to lay the foundation for further upgrading Korea-U.S. relations since the launch of new Administrations in both nations. In particular, it is highly meaningful that close and robust cooperation between the two nations is to be strengthened at a time when it is especially essential.
Through the visit, it is hoped that the two heads of state would not only be able to deepen trust and friendship but would also share a vision for further developing the Korea-U.S. alliance into an even greater one and solidifying the basis of inclusive bilateral cooperation, including resolutely working together in response to North Korea.

President Moon and General Brooks (left and right, foreground) walk together at the ROK-US Combined Forces Command in Seoul.

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