52 Korean business leaders accompany President Moon Jae-in
52 Korean business leaders accompany President Moon Jae-in
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During Moon’s US tour on June 28-July 1, 2017

Chairmen Kwon Oh-hyun of Samsung Electronics and Bon-Joon Koo of LG Corp and Vice Chairmen Chung Eui-sun of Hyundai Motor Group and Tae-Won Chey of SK Holdings are among the 52-man visiting group of Korea’s leading business organizations who are accompanying President Moon Jae-in during his tour of the United States on a four-day tour of Korea's biggest ally on June 28-July 1, 2017.

President Moon Jae-in of of the Republic of Korea and President Donald Trump of the United States of America

It is the first visit of President Moon to the US since his election on May 10 and the visiting delegation is led by Chairman Park Yong-maan of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Korean business leaders accompanying President Moon consist of 10 big businesses, 14 middle-sized companies, and 23 small-medium businesses who literally account for more than two thirds of the total number of business leaders accompanying Moon on the occasion.

The criterion of selection used in sorting out the applying companies is the objectivity and fairness and this is why the screening committee was formed with specialists from the private sector instead of the government or publication organizations.

High on the list of requirements for the companies to meet the inspection posed by a screening committee formed by the private sector rather than by the government, was the anticipated actual result of investment in the US and the qualification for business cooperation in the area of new industries.

Chairman Park Yong-maan of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

These visiting Korean companies will participate in Korea-US business summit meetings hosted by the KCCI and the AMCHAM (Amercian Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

By industry, the list of participants breaks down to eight from the IT and information security, seven from energy and environment, five from medicine and bio industry, one each from aviation and space, plant engineering, robotic system and new materials sector. There also are machine and equipment (7), auto parts and assembly (6), electricity and electronics (5), consumer goods and distribution (3).

Excluded from the list of participating companies are those companies who have become the target of controversy in Korean society.

List of companies to accompany President Moon Jae-in during his US tour:

Big business:
Vice Chairman & CEO Kwon Oh-hyun of Samsung Electronics
Vice Chairman & CEO Chung Eui-sun of Hyundai Motor Group
Chairman Chey Tae-Won of SK Holdings
Vice Chairman Koo Bon Joon of LG
Chairman Huh Chang-soo of GS Holdings
CEO Shin Hyun-woo Hanwha Corporation
Chairman Park Jeong-won of Doosan
Chairman Cho Yang-ho of Hanjin Group
Chairman Sohn Kyung-shik of CJ Corporation
Chairman Koo Cha-yol of LS
Chairman Ryu jin of Poongsan Corporation

Medium-standing companies:
Chairman Kim Hi-yong of TONGYANGMOOLSAN
CEO Park In-gu of Dongwon
CEO Kim Bo-gon of DK
Chairman Song Moo-suk of Samkang M & T
Chairman Jin Young- hwan Jin of SAMICK THK
CEO Wan Keun Lee Shinsung of Solar Energy Co., Ltd. CEO
CEO Ho-Gap Kang of Shinyoung Group
President Tae Gwan Eom of Osstem Implant Co., Ltd.
CEO Jong Woo Lee of Zeus Co., Ltd.
CEO Keon Joon Ahn of Crucialtec Co., Ltd.
President Sohn Bong Rak of TCC Steel Corp.
CEO Dong Shin Kwak of Hanmi Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Chairman Lee, Ki Seung of HANYANG CORPORATION

Small-medium companies:
President Duck joo Lee of Green Cross Cell Corp.
CEO JinHyuck Kwon of Nutri Biotech Co., Ltd.
CEO Soonho Lee of Daliworks
Chairman Dong Ok Yoo of Daewha Fuel Pump Ind. Ltd.
CEO Yung Sang Lee of Data Streams
Chairman Oh Suk Song of Meta Biomed Co., Ltd.
CEO DongWoo Kim of BKT Co. Ltd
CEO JangWon Lee of Bluebird Inc.
CEO Seung gun Lee of Viva Republica
Chairman Sung taek Park of Weup Concrete
CEO Joon Chung of Solid Inc.
CEO Joo Hyun Yoo of Shinhan Construction
CEO Myung-Bae Choi Exicon CO., Ltd.
CEO Yearn Bai Lee of Auto Gen Co.,Ltd
CEO Bong Jin Kim of Woowa Brothers Corp.
CEO JunMo Koo of Ilji Technology Co., Ltd.
CEO Myoung Jin Shin of Chunjin Chemtec Co., Ltd.
CEO YeoDoo Yoon of Gmt Co., Ltd.
CEO Tae Hee Kim of KTH ASIA CO.,LTD.
CEO Jae Han Lee of Han Yong
Chairperson Moo Kyung Han of Hyolim group

Public business corporations:
CEO Seung Hoon Lee of Korea Gas Corporation
CEO Sung-soo Eun of Korea Investment Corporation

Ameican companies:
CEO James Kim of GM Korea
President Amit Laroya of 3M Korea

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