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The Korean daily media headlines and humor

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post notices and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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Korea Post Media


Invitation to the Cheongsong Apple Festival on Friday Nov. 3, 2017

I am pleased to inform Your Excellency that Mayor Han Dong-su of the Cheongsong County cordially invites Your Excellency and Madam to the 13rd Cheongsong Apple Festival on Friday Nov. 3, 2017.

There are many interesting events and sights offered by the Host that day. See The Korea Post article and photos at http://www.koreapost.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=4097

The tour is organized for the Ambassadors and Madams by The Korea Post media at the invitation of Mayor Han Dong-su and the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Festival. The itinerary of the Tour follows:

0830-1230 Friday 3 November 2017: Meet at Grand Hyatt Seoul, depart for Cheongsong by Limousine buses.

1200-1330 hours: Luncheon with Mayor Han Dong-su of Cheongsong County

1330-1420 hours: Tour Songso ancient house of Joseon dynasty

1420-1430 hours: Move to the festival venue

1430-1630 hours: Tour 2017 cheongsong apple festival venue

1630-1800 hours: Tour Juwangsan National park

1800-2100 hours: Move back to Grand Hyatt Seoul from Cheongsong.

For inquiries, please call John Kim (010-9205-0200) or Ms. Kim Su-a (010-7584-5873) for English callers and Ms. Kim Jung-mi (010-3388-1682), Hwi Won (010-5376-1225), and/or Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik (010-5201-1740).

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The Korea Post media


What’s ticking in Korea today? Here is a quick roundup of important news stories from the major Korean news media today:

The Korea Post media (www.koreapost.com) in English, (www.koreapost.co.kr) in Korean.

OECD head says KORUS FTA talks unlikely to have huge impact on S. Korea

The head of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said Wednesday the negotiation to amend the terms of the free trade agreement (FTA) between Seoul and Washington is unlikely to have a huge impact on the South Korean economy. OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria said South Korea has not been completely relying on the FTA in trade with the United States, adding the two countries have already had a long trade relationship. The remarks were made during his joint press conference with Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon held in the capital city of South Korea on the sidelines of the Third Meeting of OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth slated for Thursday.

Hyundai Mobis develops world's first air bags for sun roofs

Hyundai Mobis Co., South Korea's largest auto parts maker by sales, has developed an air bag system for a sun roof for the first time in the automobile industry, the company said Wednesday. "In the past two and a half years, the company has developed the air bag system mainly for panoramic sun roofs in sport-utility vehicles to minimize impacts in case of a rollover crash," a company spokesman said by phone. The advanced technology development will help Hyundai Mobis win air bag orders particularly for panoramic sun roofs in SUVs in the world's 6 trillion won (US$5.3 billion) air bag market, he said.

Airport operator cuts rent for duty-free shop amid THAAD fallout

A South Korean airport operator has cut the rent for a duty-free store at an airport in the country's resort island of Jeju amid a sharp drop in the number of Chinese tourists following a diplomatic row between Seoul and Beijing over a U.S. anti-missile system here, industry sources said Wednesday. The Korea Airports Corp. (KAC) suggested 20.4 percent as the percentage to be applied to sales to calculate rent in its bid to select a new operator of the duty-free store at Jeju International Airport, according to the sources. Previously, the rent was set at around 30 to 35 percent of sales.

Samsung showcases VR camera

Samsung Electronics Co. on Thursday showcased the 360 Round, a virtual reality (VR) camera equipped with 17 lenses. The South Korean tech giant said the camera is optimized for livestreaming high-definition 3-D content, and also suitable for outdoor purposes as it is IP68 certified for resistance to both water and dust. "The growth of 360 content platforms, such as Samsung VR, Facebook and YouTube, as well as the spread of 360 videos through major media, has increased the need for high-quality 360 videos among VR professionals and enthusiasts," Samsung said.

Samsung showcases updated voice assistant, Bixby 2.0

Samsung Electronics Co. on Thursday introduced the Bixby 2.0, an updated version of its voice assistant program Bixby, which can be applied beyond smartphones to other home appliances. The previous Bixby 1.0 focuses on comprehending users' environment and context on smartphones. Bixby 2.0 will be applied to other home appliances, such as televisions and refrigerators, connecting all electronics, Samsung said. "Bixby 2.0 will introduce deep linking capabilities and enhanced natural language abilities to better recognize individual users and create a predictive, personalized experience that better anticipates their needs," the company said.


KBS (http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/news/)

Bank of Korea Keeps Rate at Record Low 1.25%

The Bank of Korea(BOK) kept the benchmark interest rate steady at the record-low level of one-point-25 percent at a monetary policy meeting on Thursday. The rate has stayed unchanged since the central bank slashed it by a quarter of a percentage point in June of last year. The BOK had indicated a rate hike in June, but opted to keep the rate unchanged at three successive monetary policy meetings.

Trump Alleges Nuclear Collaboration between N. Korea, Iran

U.S. President Donald Trump has raised suspicions that North Korea and Iran have been collaborating on nuclear development. Trump made the remark at the White House on Friday while announcing that he will decertify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. "There are also many people who believe that Iran is dealing with North Korea. I am going to instruct our intelligence agencies to do a thorough analysis and report back their findings beyond what they have already reviewed."
Addressing the Values Voter Summit earlier in the day, Trump called the North a rogue regime and vowed continued sanctions.

Ex-Pres. Park Won't Appear for Court Hearing Thursday

Former President Park Geun-hye will not appear in court for a hearing set for Thursday. According to prison authorities, Park on Wednesday submitted a handwritten notice to the Seoul Detention Center that she won't attend the court hearing due to health reasons. The detention center conveyed the notice to the Seoul Central District Court late Wednesday. An official at the center said that Park did not mention whether she would attend future hearings. However, she is likely to boycott the remaining process of her bribery and corruption trial as she accused the judiciary of making her a victim of political revenge.


Yonhap (http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr)

S. Korean Navy seeks aviation command, new task fleet

South Korea's Navy said Thursday it plans to create an aviation command and a new task fleet in tandem with the miltiary's push for "aggressive operations" in response to North Korean provocations. The Navy aims to put the units into operation by 2023 if the scheme is approved by the government, according to a report to the National Assembly's defense committee for an annual audit. The envisioned aviation command, to be led by a rear admiral-level officer, will be in charge of more than 70 aircraft and helicopters .The 41,000-strong Navy is seeking to acquire additional maritime patrol and operation choppers.

Nuke envoys of S. Korea, Japan discuss cooperation on N.K. issue

The top nuclear envoys of South Korea and Japan held a bilateral meeting Thursday to discuss their coordinated approach toward North Korea's nuclear and missile threats. Lee Do-hoon, South Korea's special representative for Korean Peninsula peace and security affairs at the foreign ministry, had the talks with his Japanese counterpart Kenji Kanasugi. The talks came a day after they had a three-way discussion also involving U.S. nuclear envoy Joseph Yun. "North Korea has become a new level of threat to Japan, to the region and the entire world," Kanasugi said at the start of the talks. "So we need to take stock of what we should be doing together."

U.S. expert accuses China of 'weaponizing' N. Korea

China has helped build North Korea's ballistic missile program by providing important military equipment and technology, a U.S. expert claimed Wednesday. In an interview on Fox Business, Gordon Chang, an East Asia security expert, said Chinese President Xi Jinping has been "fueling" the regime in Pyongyang with transfers of "very important" weapons, equipment and technology. "They're weaponizing the North," he said, citing the ballistic missile program in particular. The intercontinental ballistic missiles North Korea fired on July 4 and 28 were transported to their launch sites on Chinese mobile launchers, according to Chang, author of "The Coming Collapse of China."


The Korea Herald (http://www.koreaherald.com)

Hillary Clinton warns US credibility hurt by Trump’s ‘dangerous’ war of words

Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday slammed President Donald Trump for engaging in a war of words with North Korea, calling it a “dangerous and short-sighted” move that will only benefit North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un and eventually undermine US credibility. Clinton, who also served as US Secretary of State, stressed the need for more pressure on North Korea and a diplomatic approach to bring the regime to talks, calling on China to play a more proactive role in enforcing sanctions against its wayward ally.

NK warns US could face 'unimaginable' strike

A North Korean agency made a threat Thursday that Pyongyang could stage an "unimaginable" strike on the United States at an unexpected time amid tensions over the North's nuclear and missile programs. The North's intimidation came as the South Korean and US navies are staging massive joint drills in waters off the Korean Peninsula with the US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan being involved.

Ministry denies alleged mistreatment of jailed ex-president

The Justice Ministry on Wednesday denied former President Park Geun-hye’s claim that her rights are being violated at a detention facility where she is being held for corruption charges. CNN cited a report written by her international legal team from global consultancy MH Group, saying Park is living in a cell that is “dirty, cold and constantly lit so she cannot sleep.” “Park is being held in a cell of an appropriate size with a heating system, TV, drawer and a flush toilet, among other things,” the Justice Ministry said. “During sleeping hours, we reduce the light to the extent that (inmates’) movement can be observed. Two out of three lights are turned off.”


The Korea Times (http://www.koreatimes.co.kr)

Government vows to create 810,000 public jobs

The government has pledged to create 810,000 jobs in the public sector as a means to help young people struggling in the tight job market. The Presidential Committee on Job Creation unveiled the plan as part of a five-year road map Wednesday. President Moon Jae-in, who presided over the meeting, said the nation's top 30 business groups will increase hiring by 5.6 percent this year. On top of creating more jobs on the public sector, Moon called for private companies to join the campaign to hire more employees. "Hyundai Motor converted 7,000 subcontractors into regular workers. KT, Hanwha, POSCO and Doosan Group will also join the campaign to create more jobs," he said.

POW camp from Korean War up for Memory of the World status

The city of Geoje wants a prisoner of war camp from the Korean War listed as a UNESCO Memory of the World. The island city off the southern coast has formed a special committee for the mission. City mayor Kwon Min-ho is leading 37 others, including lawmakers, heads of government offices and experts from academic circles, to have the camp recognized. It is believed there are over 2 million pages of surviving records about the camp's heritage kept by 43 institutes in 18 countries. They include 1,500 recorded items possessed by 10 institutes in South Korea.

Court challenges UNLIMITED detention of foreigners awaiting deportation

A court has questioned an immigration control law that allows unlimited detention of foreigners awaiting deportation. The Seoul High Court recently filed a petition with the Constitutional Court asking the top court to examine the constitutionality of Article 63, Clause 1 of the Immigration Control Law. It lays the ground for immigration authorities to detain foreigners awaiting deportation, but it doesn't stipulate a time limit. "Putting foreigners in protective facilities under the law unfairly deprives them of physical freedom, which is equivalent to arrest or imprisonment," the court said. "When the mandate in question has to be enforced, there must be a legitimate mechanism justifying the action."


DongA Ilbo (http://english.donga.com)

U.S. aircraft carrier to stay near Korean Peninsula until Trump’s visit to S. Korea

After a drill in the East Sea, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan will be stationed near the Korean Peninsula until U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit in November. In the meantime, B-1B strategic bombers deployed in Guam will continue to be ready for a take-off. According to sources at the United States Forces in Korea on Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Defense has decided to beef up its military readiness of the Korean Peninsula against North Korea ahead of Trump’s visit on November 7 and 8. In line with this, the USS Ronald Reagan will be stationed in Korean waters after a joint drill with the South Korean Navy is completed. The USS Ronald Reagan has been deployed in the East Sea since Monday.

Hyundai Mobis develops air bags for panoramic sunroofs

Hyundai Mobis Co. has developed an air bag system for sunroof for the first time in the automobile industry, the company said Wednesday. South Korea's largest auto parts maker by sales said Wednesday that the air bag system is designed to prevent passengers from getting ejected through the roof in rollover accidents. The company claimed that it has developed the technology for mass producing the “panoramic sunroof air bag system” by completing the reliability tests. There is no precedent globally at the moment for applying panoramic sunroof airbags on vehicles yet. Hyundai Mobis, which first started mass producing air bags in 2002, has beat competitors in developing a new air bag technology, the company stated.

‘No country can afford to retreat into self-isolation,’ says Xi Jinping

During the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on Wednesday where the Chinese leadership presents its national and foreign policy approaches for the second term of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Xi said, “No country can afford to retreat into self-isolation.” Xi was not referring to the Korean Peninsula or North Korea directly, but he seemed to regard North Korea that is not stopping provocation while being isolated from the international community.


Chosun Ilbo (http://english.chosun.com)

Most Senior Citizens Willing to Work to Make Ends Meet

A majority of older people receive no pension, and those who do get a paltry W520,000 a month, according to a study by Statistics Korea (US$1=W1,132). The payments include money from the National Pension Service and private pensions. Six out of 10 senior citizens say they are willing to work to make ends meet. As of May, there were 12.92 million people between 55 and 79, up 4.2 percent from a year earlier. Some 7.1 million or 54.8 percent were employed. Senior citizens with no source of income rely either on their savings or on money from their children. Some 45.3 percent of senior citizens said they mostly live on their pension, which is usually not enough to help them make ends meet, and some 73.7 percent of those said they get less than W500,000 a month.

Park Supporters to Appeal to UN Over Human Rights Abuses
Ex-President Park Geun-hye has allegedly suffered "serious human rights violations" at the remand prison where the ousted leader is awaiting trial on charges of massive corruption and influence peddling, CNN reported Tuesday. CNN cited a draft of a report prepared by the MH Group claiming her cell is "dirty, cold and constantly lit so she cannot sleep." The report said Park has been denied a bed, causing her health to deteriorate. The MH Group, which said it represents Park, plans to submit the report to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Even Light Drinking Raises Cancer Risk, Study Shows
Drinking as little as one or two shot glasses of soju or Korean distilled liquor a day could raise a person's chances of getting some cancers, a recent study of more than 20 million Koreans reveals. The risks are even higher for smokers. While light drinking was once thought to have health benefits, the study suggests it is better to stay away from alcohol altogether. A team of researchers at Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province studied the relationship between alcohol consumption and cancers that affect the digestive system in 23.3 million adults over a five-year period.


HanKyoReh Shinmun (http://english.hani.co.kr)

Prosecutors set to reopen investigation into BBK financial scandal

The BBK scandal is coming back into the spotlight once again as South Korea’s prosecutors launch a full-scale investigation into charges that former president Lee Myung-bak marshaled the Blue House during his time in office to manipulate stock prices at BBK. The announcement by a victim of the BBK scandal that he has given the prosecutors a “Blue House document” that is believed to provide evidence of Lee’s involvement in the scandal is focusing attention on whether it will turn out that Lee was directly involved.

Trump likely to emphasize hardline stance against North Korea during SK visit

During US President Donald Trump’s first tour of South Korea, China and Japan early next month, he is likely to focus on cooperation to put the “maximum pressure” on North Korea while also trying to extract as many concessions as possible in the area of trade to satisfy his domestic base. In regards to North Korea and its nuclear program, the White House said in an Oct. 16 statement about Trump’s trip to Asia that Trump would “call on the international community to join together in maximizing pressure on North Korea” during his speech before South Korea’s National Assembly.

Length of Trump’s sojourn raising concerns in South Korea

The Blue House is working to manage concerns over differences in the visit lengths for US President Donald Trump’s Asian tour next month. Trump’s decision to spend one more day in Japan than in South Korea has politicians accusing Washington of “neglecting” Seoul. The Blue House has reacted defensively, stressing that “results are more important than lengths [of a sojourn]” and even arguing that the South Korean and Japanese visit lengths are “similar.”


JoongAng Ilbo (http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/)

Moon reveals five-year job plan

President Moon Jae-in laid out a five-year road map for job creation that not only promises additional jobs in the private sector through innovative start-ups and social enterprises but also creates 810,000 jobs in the public sector, as promised on the campaign trail. His is the first government to introduce a five-year blueprint exclusively concentrating on jobs, according to the Presidential Committee on Job Creation. Although previous administrations have introduced policies to create jobs through technology and start-ups and help small and medium-sized companies, this was the first time social enterprises have been concentrated on in terms of jobs.

Envoys of Korea, U.S., Japan confer on North

Senior diplomats from South Korea, Japan and the United States called for all diplomatic options to be exhausted to completely dismantle the North Korean nuclear program in a peaceful manner at a vice foreign ministerial meeting held in Seoul on Wednesday. Korea’s Vice Foreign Minister Lim Sung-nam, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan and Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Shinsuke Sugiyama held a joint press conference after a trilateral meeting at the Foreign Ministry in central Seoul, the first of its kind since the onset of the Moon Jae-in administration.

Final vacancy on Constitutional Court filled

President Moon Jae-in Wednesday named Gwangju High Court head Yoo Nam-seok to the Constitutional Court, filling the final vacancy on the nine-member panel. But he failed to end months of controversy about who would be the new chief justice. “During his career as a judge, Yoo worked as a researcher and senior researcher of the Constitutional Court for four years, accumulating his expertise in constitutional trials,” said presidential spokesman Park Soo-hyun. “He also served as president of the Supreme Court’s research group of the Constitution.”


The KyungHyang Shinmun (http://english.khan.co.kr/)

Death by Water Cannon, Abuse of Police Authority
Prosecutors will put the police officers who operated the water truck and the police commanders on trial for the death of farmer Baek Nam-gi, who died after being hit by a police water cannon at a rally. The prosecutors released their investigation results 700 days after Baek's family reported the police officers on November 18, 2015. On October 17, Criminal Department 3 of the Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office announced that they prosecuted Goo Eun-soo (59), former commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency; Shin (49), former chief of the 4th riot police at the Seoul Policy Agency, and sergeants Han (38) and Choi (28), who operated the water truck, for the death of Baek (involuntary manslaughter on duty) by firing a water cannon during a general people's rally on November 14, 2015.

Simultaneous Eradication of a Decade of Irregularities: Judicial Process to Accelerate
The Prosecution Service has embarked on a number of investigations on a decade of irregularities carried out in the Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye governments. The Moon Jae-in government's efforts to eradicate long-established bad practices, the stream of specific criminal circumstances, the Prosecution Service's practice of investigating "dead power," and the Prosecution Service's need for self-help measures ahead of fierce reforms have come together to create a political situation calling for such investigations. In a way, the Moon Jae-in government's drive to eradicate such irregularities has moved on to the judicial process.

Park Attempts to Gather Her Supporters by Creating a Political Issue as Her First Court Sentence Approaches
On October 16, former President Park Geun-hye expressed her intention to reject the trial. Her action is seen as an attempt to turn the trial into a political issue rather than accept a judicial judgment after the court issued an additional arrest warrant. Other experts believe she may be trying to gather her supporters as the conservatives, including the Liberty Korea Party, recently tried to accuse the Moon Jae-in government's efforts to eradicate long-established bad practices of political retaliation.


The Korea Economic Daily (http://english.hankyung.com/)

POSCO Completes Steel Wire Service Center in the U.S.

POSCO, Korea's largest steel maker, has completed on September 22 the construction of a steel wire service center in Jeffersonville, Indiana, with an annual capacity of 25,000 tons. The plant will supply steel wire goods to be used for bolts, nuts, and bearings to auto parts companies. Started in April last year, the service center cost the company US$20.9 million to build. The high-quality steel materials produced in the new plant will be supplied to companies like Simplex Korea, Taeyang Metal Industrial, Nissan, and Fontana.

Industry Panics over Prospect of Rising Subcontract Worker Disputes

As the government pronounced illegal on the practice of companies relying on subcontract workers for a long time such as the cases in Paris Baguette and Mando-Hella, the whole industry in shock. This is not just restricted to manufacturers but is spread to services and the food franchise industry as well.

Gov't Decides to Give $8 Mil. Aid to North Korea...Timing to Be Announced Later

The government has decided to give support to North Korea worth US$8 million in programs helping its vulnerable people including children and pregnant women indirectly through international organizations. It, however, has not decided when to start sending money and exactly how. This is interpreted as a choice to deflect criticism that it is undertaking an aid project at a time when North Korea is causing an international storm by launching a series of missile tests.On September 21, the government held a consultative meeting for inter-Korean exchange and cooperation and approved an agenda to provide $8 million to programs such as those for North Korean mothers and children' health and nutrition by way of the UNICEF and the World Food Program.


AJU Business Daily (http://eng.ajunews.com/korea)

Prison authorities deny inhumane treatment for jailed ex-president

South Korean prison authorities rebuffed allegations about the inhumane treatment of a jailed former president, saying that like other inmates, she has been receiving proper medical care and meals in a standard cell equipped with a heated floor, TV, and a flush toilet. At bedtime, two of three lights are out to reduce illumination to the extent that guards can observe her movement, a justice ministry department in charge of detention facilities said in a statement on Wednesday. "She is housed in a suitable living room."

Google's AI team develops powerful and self-learning program

Google's artificial intelligence team DeepMind vowed to develop new algorithms that can learn on its own after its program AlphaGo stunned the world last year with an overwhelming victory against South Korean master Lee Sedol in the ancient Chinese game of Go.About 17 months later, DeepMind came up with a more powerful program called "AlphaGo Zero", which was "no longer constrained by the limits of human knowledge" and can achieve superhuman performance in the most challenging domains with no human input.

Archaeologists find 2,000-year-old mummy in Mongolia

Archaeologists have discovered the mummy of an ancient man believed to be buried in the 1st century AD in a tomb in the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia, according to a South Korean state research institute.The mummy of a man about 165 to 170 centimeters tall was found from one of the ancient tombs in the Shiveet Khairhan region where South Korean and Mongolian archaeologists have launched a joint research in May and June, the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage said in a statement.


Maeil Business News Korea (http://www.pulsenews.co.kr/)

Diplomacy, the only way to solve North Korean crisis: Hillary Clinton

Coercive diplomacy is the only path that has a decent chance of solving the current North Korean crisis, said Hillary Rodham Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State. “Diplomacy, preventing war, creating deterrence is slow, difficult work…especially in the volatile peninsula with proximity to an aggressive actor like North Korea,” Clinton said on Wednesday during a session titled ‘Global Leadership at Inflection Point’ at the 18th World Knowledge Forum (WKF) in Seoul. “But we can’t take shortcuts, we can’t end diplomacy,” she stressed.

Hyundai Mobis develops airbag system for panorama sunroofs

Hyundai Mobis Co., the auto parts unit of South Korean conglomerate Hyundai Motor Group, has successfully developed a panoramic sunroof airbag for vehicles that is expected to greatly reduce the risk of passengers’ ejection through the sunroof during rollover accidents. The company said on Wednesday that it has completed a series of tests using an actual vehicle to check the system’s resistance to heat and vibration, and it is near to mass produce the airbag system for panoramic sunroofs. When commercialized, Hyundai Mobis would be the first industry player to apply panoramic sunroof airbags to vehicles, the company claimed.

Business must take more social responsibility: SK Group chairman

Social responsibility has become a must for corporate viability and companies must join forces with the public sector to address unprecedented challenges from fast transitions fueled by new technologies, said Chey Tae-won, chairman of South Korean conglomerate SK Group. “Gone are the days when companies merely seek profit. For-profit companies would strategically fail if they do not contribute to social value," he said during a session titled ‘Social Value and the Role of An Enterprise’ at the 18th World Knowledge Forum (WKF) in Seoul on Tuesday.


What’s ticking around the world at this second?

See what the world media around the world have to report:

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The Korea Post is running video clips from the different embassies.

Azerbaijan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR8CBpcQ4WM

Sri Lanka: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hByX92Y2aGY&t=22s

Morocco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfFmp2sVvSE

And many other countries.

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