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New KAI CEO Kim vows to implement innovation across its businessPlanning to raise transparency

Kim Jo-won, new President and CEO of Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI), said in an inaugural speech that the company will push for innovation across its business to ensure sustained growth. He stressed that KAI is determined to grow into a global top-tier aerospace company based on innovation and growth.
KAI will also pursue twin-win partnerships with the local communities and its suppliers. The inauguration ceremony was held on October 26 at the headquarters of KAI located in Sacheon City, South Gyeongsang Province.
CEO Kim disclosed a plan to establish a new innovative management system. “I will refurbish the management system to raise the transparency and trustworthiness of the company and implement all business affairs in fairness in line with laws and regulations” he stressed. In order to do so, KAI plans to form a “Management TF” until early next month and take measures to improve the fairness and objectivity of its businesses as a whole, including human management, finance, accounting, purchases and sales.

President and CEO Kim Jo Won of KAI speaks in an inauguration speech.

The company will also pursue system innovations to improve the performance of its future strategic projects and R&D activity. CEO Kim said, “Now the company should compete with leading global aerospace firms. I will seek to realign our management system to be suitable for the status of a global firm and to adjust smoothly to a new environment until the end of this year.”
CEO Kim said KAI needs to secure core capabilities to explore various new business and lay the foundation for reaching a goal of 20 trillion won in sales by 2030. His goal is to raise KAI’s future capabilities through strategic alliances with global leading companies, while faithfully implementing the government’s projects. “We will pave the way for enabling KAI to jump to the level of global top-tier general aerospace company at the earliest possible time by fostering a creative and dynamic R&D environment,” said CEO Kim. For this purpose, the company will realign its systems and make significant investments.

CEO Kim Jo-won of KAI is on inspection of aircraft production site after his inauguration speech.

CEO Kim stressed KAI’s social responsibility. “We are ready to play a leading role in creating Asia’s best aerospace industrial complex in the southern coast of Korea in partnership with the local communities and its suppliers,” he said. “KAI, as an important corporation which should lead the future of Korea’s strategic industries has the responsibility of promoting the sustainability growth of supplier firms and advancing along with the local communities,” he said.
He called on management and staff to be humble as well as being proud of their duty. He stressed that KAI is a corporation, but has a role of a public corporation which should implement the major policies of state. “I urge all of you to recognize that you are working for the country all the times,” he said.

CEO Kim Jo-won of KAI is on inspection of aircraft production site after his inauguration speech.

He promised to revamp the relevant system and nurture a fresh corporate culture to enable all the employees of KAI to have pride as guardians of self-defense of the Republic of Korea. Stressing that KAI has achieved significant growth thank to “your blood, toil and sweat,” CEO Kim called for fostering the environment of mutual trust and support. “If we work hard, I am certain that we will be reborn as a corporation trusted and support by the public,” he said.

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