Uruguay presents unique murga ‘Agarrate Catalina’
Uruguay presents unique murga ‘Agarrate Catalina’
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Ambassador Dr. Mrs. Alba Florio Legnani of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in Seoul hosted the performance of Murga “Agarrate Catalina” at the KB Haneul Youth Theater of the National Theater of Korea in Seoul with the attendance of Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Luis Porto of Uruguay on May 14, 2014.

The presentation of Murga Agarrate Catalina performance was made for the first time in Korea in celebration of the 50th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Uruguay.

Many Korean society figures attended the presentation as well as ambassadors and their spouses.

Among the Korean VIPs present were Director General Jang Myung-soo of Latin American & Caribbean Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chairman Koo Cha-hon of LIG Arts Foundation and former Ambassador Choi Yeon-choong of Korea in Uruguay.

From the Seoul Diplomatic Corps came many diplomats who included Ambassadors Jorge Roballo of Argentina, Manuel Lopez Trigo of Costa Rica and Grecia Fiodalicia Pichardo Polanco of the Dominican Republic.

Murga is one of the expressions of the montevidean carnival, the longest carnival of the world, forty five consecutive nights. It is the biggest party where communication through art engages all.
With a history of more than 100 yeas, Uruguayan people have found the way to recognize themselves, to analyze themselves and to identify themselves in the polished mirror of the popular humor.
Its proud artistic miscegenation, its rhythmic influence, its powerful percussion, its particular way of arranging polyphonically the choirs, costumes, musical omnipresence, makeup, playwriting full of wild humor, its deep popular essence, their marginal cots turned professional, brought to the Uruguayan Murga as a show not to miss.

“Agarrate Catalina” is the most award-winning, popular, recognized and convocating “murga” of the last fifteen years.

In 2014, “Agarrate Catlina” began its first World Tour, marking a milestone for the national popular culture. This project has been declared of National Interest by the Presidency of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

There was presented its spectacle, “The Travel,” where they faced the system, prejudice, religion, resignation, fragile mystery memories, death and life in a tender and fierce cartoon, full of joyful melancholy and nostalgic laughter.

It was a familiar performance, for adults and children, which was presented in Spanish language with Korean and English subtitles.

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