Samsung beefs up accessibility for 2018 premium TVs
Samsung beefs up accessibility for 2018 premium TVs
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Samsung Electronics Co. said Wednesday the premium Ultra HD TVs to be released next year will come with improved accessibility for users with difficulties in hearing and vision.

The South Korean tech giant said while its televisions already come with various features for users with such difficulties, the latest models will take another step forward in making Samsung products more accessible.

Among the new features is turning the screen into black and white for users with monochromacy, or those who are fully color blind. Samsung said it has focused on enhancing the contrast ratio and clearing the boundaries among images.

For those with hearing difficulties, Samsung said its new products will allow users to relocate subtitles anywhere on the screen to help them enjoy watching TVs from different angles.

The SeeColors application, which was launched last year, also provides people who have vision deficiencies with relatively accurate color renditions.

The SeeColors app, developed by Samsung and Hungary-based Colorlite, conducts color tests on users with an accuracy of around 90 percent and customizes screens to deliver more vivid and accurate viewing experiences.

Samsung Electronics said it will continue to make investments and conduct research to lower barriers for users with hearing and vision issues. (Yonhap)

Models demonstrate the SeeColors application on Samsung Electronics Co.'s television in this photo released by the company on Dec. 27, 2017. (Yonhap)

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