The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, March 5, 2018

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Here are The Korea Post notices and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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Round-up of important news stories from major Korean dailies today:

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ICCK’s mission is to foster economic development, enhance quality of bilateral trade’

The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), which came into force on January 1, 2010, provided the impetus to form a Chamber of Commerce in Korea to represent the interests of Indian businesses and advocate positions that would enhance commerce between the two countries. At the behest and encouragement of the Embassy of India in Seoul and members of the Indian community in Korea, Korean supporters of a strong India/Korea partnership, the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ICCK) was formally established in January 2010.

Millennium Seoul Hilton, Yakitori Time at Genji

Genji, Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Japanese restaurant, is pleased to offer a special promotion featuring yakitori, which are skewered delights, often chicken and cooked over charcoal. The Yakitori promotion will take place throughout the month of March.Genji’s yakitori promotion features a seven-course dining delight that includes: various appetizers including grilled gingko, braised fish, and asparagus wrapped in bacon; steamed egg porridge; assorted sashimi; eggplant, bacon, shitake and chicken skewers; vegetable tempura; udon noodle soup; and fresh fruits as dessert. The Yakitori set menu is priced at KW88,000 per person.

Think of the people first rather than of yourself!’

Brigadier General Héctor Francisco Morán González, Defense, Military and Air Attaché of Mexico in Seoul, became a ‘Best-loved Foreign Defense Attache in Korea’ on Feb. 21, 2018 for a wonderful speech passage delivered at the Republic of Korea Army Club in Yongsang District in Seoul in celebration of the ‘Day of Mexican Army, Air Force and National Flag.’Quoting from the famed Korean patriot, Admiral Yi Sun-sin, BG Moran Gonzalez began his congratulatory speech at the reception, “Think of the people first rather than of yourself!” The statement was accorded a warm response from the guests at the party which was attended by many Korean celebrities attended.



Moon to Send Special Envoy to N. Korea

President Moon Jae-in said during a phone conversation with U.S. President Donald Trump that he will soon send a special envoy to North Korea to reciprocate the recent visit by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's sister Kim Yo-jong.The presidential office said that the two leaders spoke over the phone for 30 minutes from 10 p.m. Thursday. Presidential press secretary Yoon Young-chan said Moon told Trump that the special envoy will confirm details of issues discussed during the recent high-level North Korean delegation's visit to South Korea. It is expected that the special envoy will explore whether the North will accept dialogue with the U.S. on condition that it gives up its nuclear weapons.The White House said in a statement that the two leaders "noted their firm position that any dialogue with North Korea must be conducted with the explicit and unwavering goal of complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization."

Trump to Impose 25% Tariffs on Steel Imports

U.S. President Donald Trump said that he will sign a measure next week imposing 25 percent tariffs on steel and ten percent tariffs on aluminum imports.Trump made the announcement on Thursday in a meeting with U.S. steel and aluminum executives at the White House.The president blamed foreign companies for dumping massive amounts of products in the U.S., which he said destroys American companies and jobs. He said that these tariffs will last for a "long period of time," asking the executives to work to revive the domestic steel and aluminum industries.The announcement, if finalized, will come as a relief to South Korea as the U.S. Department of Commerce had recommended tariffs of 53 percent on 12 countries, including South Korea, as one of three potential options.

Moon Urges Japan to Face Wartime Wrongdoings

Anchor: On this anniversary of Korea's independence movement, President Moon Jae-in said he will ensure Japan faces up to its wartime past, even as he seeks a forward-looking relationship between the two countries.Kim Bum-soo has the story. Report: President Moon Jae-in touched on thorny issues with Japan Thursday as he marked the 99th anniversary of the March First independence movement against Japanese colonial rule.One of the most sensitive issues of that era is Japan's wartime sex slavery of Korean women, euphemistically called, "comfort women." Tokyo insists the comfort women issue was resolved "finally and irrevocably" when Moon's predecessor, impeached former President Park Geun-hye, signed a controversial deal with Japan in 2015. However, in his March First speech, Moon said Japan needs to do more.


Yonhap (

S. Korea's special envoys to visit N.K. to broker Pyongyang-Washington dialogue

South Korean President Moon Jae-in's special envoys will embark on a two-day visit to North Korea on Monday afternoon aimed at brokering dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang, officials here said. The 10-member delegation, led by Chung Eui-yong, the chief of the presidential National Security Office, will depart from Seoul Airport in Seongnam, south of Seoul, at 2 p.m. It will use a special direct route across the Yellow Sea to Pyongyang, the officials said.

Main opposition chief agrees to join Moon's meeting with party leaders

Hong Joon-pyo, the leader of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party, agreed Monday to join this week's meeting between President Moon Jae-in and political leaders, his aide said. Hong had refused to participate in the talks, demanding the exclusion of minor parties such as the far-left Justice Party, which has only six parliamentary seats. He also demanded that the meeting be limited to security issues. The presidential office Cheong Wa Dae has been against the idea of excluding minor parties. It proposed that the talks be held on Wednesday, possibly to discuss recent developments in cross-border relations, and other security and diplomatic issues.

LG Electronics showcases latest AI-powered OLED TVs

LG Electronics Inc. on Monday introduced its latest organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TVs, which are equipped with the company's DeepThinQ artificial-intelligence (AI) platform.The company said the global market for the OLED TVs was estimated at 1.6 million units last year, and is expected to reach up to 2.5 million units in 2018. To meet the rising demand, LG said it plans to solidify its presence through premium models.Contrary to Samsung Electronics Co.'s quantum dot light-emitting diode (QLED) sets that need backlight, LG has been promoting OLED TVs as its flagship models, claiming its products are capable of delivering more vivid color as each pixel can generate its own light and be turned completely off to create deep blacks that can enhance the contrast of the screen.


The Korea Herald (

Moon taps top national security adviser to lead delegation to North

President Moon Jae-in said that he will send a special envoy to North Korea during his first phone conversation with his US counterpart, Donald Trump, since rare high-level contact between the two Koreas.Moon discussed with Trump late Thursday the outcome of the trips to South Korea by North Korea's special envoy and high-level delegations during the PyeongChang Olympic Games, Seoul's presidential office, Cheong Wa Dae, said."The two leaders agreed to continue their efforts to maintain the momentum for South-North dialogue so it may lead to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula," the presidential office said of the phone conversation.

SKT CEO calls Huawei cause of concern in choosing 5G partners

Ahead of selecting suppliers of equipment for its fifth-generation network in June, South Korean mobile carrier SK Telecom’s chief is unsure about whether to consider China’s Huawei over security issues. “Huawei is a concern,” SKT CEO Park Jung-ho told The Korea Herald last week during the Mobile World Congress 2018 held in Barcelona, Spain. “We are at a crossroads when it comes to the decision, whether (to make it from the standpoint of) the government or customers.”

Prosecutors likely to summon Lee Myung-bak soon

Prosecutors looking into sweeping allegations of financial fraud involving former President Lee Myung-bak are set to complete their investigation as early as this week and likely to summon Lee for questioning soon. If Lee is summoned by the prosecution, he would be the fourth president of South Korea to be questioned by investigators following detained ex-leader Park Geun-hye.


The Korea Times (

Moon's envoys to leave for Pyongyang at 2 p.m.

President Moon Jae-in's special envoys will leave on a direct flight for Pyongyang, North Korea, at 2 p.m. from the airport in Seongnam, east of Seoul.The five-member delegation is led by Chung Eui-yong, the presidential National Security Office chief, and includes Suh Hoon, the chief of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), Vice Unification Minister Chun Hae-sung, presidential aide Yun Kun-young, and NIS official Kim Sang-gyun. Their two-day mission is brokering dialogue between the United States and the North.

At joke-filled dinner, Trump suggests talks with Kim Jong-un

In the midst of a joke-filled monologue at a dinner with journalists, U.S. President Donald Trump suggested on Saturday that the United States will be meeting with North Korea but has told Pyongyang it must first "denuke.""Now we are talking and they, by the way, called up a couple of days ago. They said that 'we would like to talk.' And I said 'So would we, but you have to denuke, you have to denuke,'" Trump told attendees at the annual Gridiron Club dinner.

China 'doesn't want a trade war' with US

China said on Sunday that it did not want a trade war with the US but would not sit idly by and allow its interests to be hurt, after the two sides agreed to hold further talks on the issue in Beijing soon."The right way to handle conflicts is to open markets to both sides, make the pie of cooperation bigger and find solutions acceptable to both sides," Zhang Yesui, spokesman for the first session of the 13th National People's Congress, China's rubber-stamp parliament, said ahead of the annual "Two Sessions" in the Chinese capital.


Chosun Ilbo (

Moon Sends Envoys to N.Korea

President Moon Jae-in is sending a five-member delegation to North Korea on Monday led by two senior security advisers, Cheong Wa Dae said Sunday. National Security Council chief Chung Eui-yong, National Intelligence Service chief Suh Hoon and three others will spend two days in the North and hope to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to deliver a letter from Moon. The delegation will head to Washington shortly afterward to brief U.S. President Donald Trump. A high-ranking Cheong Wa Dae official said, "Chung is an old hand in U.S. affairs and plays a pivotal role in Korea-U.S. relations, while Suh is an expert who has played a key role in promoting inter-Korean dialogue."

N.Korea 'Worked on Missile Guidance During Olympics'

North Korea has been making progress on improving the guidance of missiles even amid a "relative thaw in tensions around the Winter Olympics," CNN reported Friday."The US believes the North Koreans have been working to improve their rocket engines, mobile missile launchers, and nuclear warhead production," CNN quoted a U.S. intelligence official as saying. However, "the regime is still struggling with the technical challenge of ensuring a warhead can re-enter the earth's atmosphere," it added.

Birthrate Hits Another Record Low, Outstripping No. of Deaths

The number of babies born in Korea fell below 400,000 for the first time last year. The total fertility rate -- the average number of children born to a woman aged between 15 and 49 over her lifetime -- fell to 1.05, according to figures released by Statistics Korea on Wednesday. The rate is not only below the OECD average of 1.68 (as of 2015), but also those of Japan (1.46) and Singapore (1.24). Only Taiwan (0.89 as of 2010) and Hong Kong have lower total fertility rates.


HanKyoReh Shinmun (

A sad, solitary ending for victims of lonely death

On Jan. 19, a bell was tolling ceaselessly in the memorial area in front of Furnace No. 16 at the Seoul Municipal Crematorium and Cemetery. While the body was being cremated, thirty or so friends and relatives of the deceased kept crying. They shared their grief through hugs and caresses. After that, coffins rolled into Furnaces No. 17 and No. 18, and the green light blinked on, indicating that cremation had begun. Unlike the deceased in Furnace No. 16, these were cases of godoksa – a Korean word meaning the solitary death of someone who lives alone – and the bodies had been found several days after death. The emptiness of the memorial area in front of the furnaces suggested how lonely their lives had been. Despite their hardship, there was no one to remember them. They had been alone at the moment of death, and they remained alone until the moment their bodies disintegrated.

President Trump places additional tariffs on US steel imports

US President Donald Trump has finally played the card of placing additional tariffs on imported steel. While the tariffs are not as tough as originally feared, their impact will still be considerable. As Trump’s pressure on trade extends in all directions, concerns about the spread of Trump’s “America first” approach are growing not only in Canada, China and the EU but also inside the US. Affected companies in South Korea admit they may have to stop exporting to the US. During a meeting with leaders from American steel companies at the White House on Mar. 1, Trump said he would be slapping a 25% tariff on steel and a 10% tariff on aluminum and that these tariffs would stay in place for a substantial period of time. Next week, Trump is planning to officially sign an executive order containing the plan.

Former president Lee’s brother reverses past statements regarding land ownership

DAS chairman Lee Sang-eun, older brother to former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, reportedly told prosecutors on Feb. 2 that he was not the owner of a controversial plot of land in Seoul’s Dogok neighborhood,. The older Lee’s remarks were a reversal from his past statement to a former special prosecutor in 2.


JoongAng Ilbo (

Moon sends five special envoys to Pyongyang today

A 10-member delegation of South Korean officials led by Chung Eui-yong, head of the National Security Office in the Blue House, will visit North Korea today and tomorrow to discuss improvement of South-North relations and the “preconditions for a North Korea-U.S. dialogue aimed at the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” Yoon Young-chan, President Moon Jae-in’s senior press secretary, announced Sunday.

Me Too movement keeps building up steam

The Me Too movement in Korea has spread from the prosecutors’ office and judiciary to the entertainment industry, academia and clergy, leading to mass mobilizations of activists holding rallies. The theater has been hit especially hard with accusations against influential men, including theatrical directors Lee Youn-taek and Oh Tae-seok and actors Jo Min-ki, Oh Dal-su and Cho Jae-hyun.

FKI asks Trump to exempt Korea from tariffs

The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) asked the U.S. government to exempt Korea from higher tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. The business lobby group said Sunday it sent letters to all U.S. legislators and high-ranking government officials, including Senator Orrin Hatch, who is the Senate Finance Committee chairman, Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. In the letter, FKI Chairman Huh Chang-soo stated that while Korea understands the Donald Trump administration’s efforts to reduce U.S. trade deficits, a move against Korean steel imports should be reconsidered.


The KyungHyang Shinmun (

Good Job on Agreeing to the Shorter Working Hours, But We Still Need to Minimize the Side Effects

On February 27, the parliamentary Environment and Labor Committee passed an amendment of the Labor Standards Act, which decreased the maximum weekly working hours to 52 hours from the previous 68. This is significant for the ruling and opposition lawmakers finally reached an agreement after five years since they first embarked on discussions to shorten working hours. The latest amendment does not recognize double bonuses on holiday labor and companies will continue to pay 150% of the normal wages. The bill also designates legal holidays, such as National Liberation Day (Aug. 15) and Independence Movement Day (Mar. 1), as paid holidays, so workers in the private sector will also be paid for their break. The lawmakers also decided to reduce the number of special jobs that are allowed unrestricted labor from the current twenty-six to five.

The Main Culprit, Park Geun-hye: A Stronger Sentence than "Accomplice" Choi Soon-sil Inevitable

On February 27, prosecutors sought thirty years of imprisonment for former President Park Geun-hye (66), and the majority of the people expect the court to make a similar decision. Former President Park had already been found guilty for fifteen of the eighteen charges against her in the trials of her accomplices, and since in the case of bribery, a major charge against her, a public official is the principle offender, her responsibility is heavier than her accomplice, Choi Soon-sil (62). The prosecutors' decision was somewhat predictable after the first court ruling of Choi on February 13. Choi schemed with Park on thirteen of the charges, and was found guilty for eleven of the charges in her first trial.In particular, the court recognized Choi's conspiracy with former President Park on charges of demanding and receiving bribes from large companies such as Samsung. The court is expected to recognize a total of 23.2 billion won, recognized as bribes in Choi's case, as the bribes involving the former president. This includes 7.3 billion won the two received from Samsung, including the possession of the horse; 7 billion won from Lotte Group; and 8.9 billion won, which the two demanded from SK Group.

North Korea and the U.S. Both Want Dialogue, But First They Need to Narrow Their Differences on Denuclearization

Kim Yong-chol, vice chairman overseeing South Korean intelligence in the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) cum director of the United Front Department, who visited South Korea to attend the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympics met with President Moon Jae-in on February 25 and said that Pyongyang had "ample intentions of holding talks with the United States." After his remark was released to the public, the possibility of direct talks between North Korea and the U.S. has increased. There are still many challenges, but just the fact that the two countries agree to the need for talks is great progress. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to Vice Chairman Kim's remarks by saying, "We will see if Pyongyang's message today, that it is willing to hold talks, represents the first steps along the path to denuclearization."


AJU Business Daily (

Hyundai Motor launches new division for high-performance vehicles

To break away from the generalized image of a traditional carmaker, Hyundai Motor launched a new division for high-performance and motorsports vehicles, led by a former official from Germany carmaker BMW.Hyundai has built up its reputation as a leading producer of cost-effective vehicles, but it still bears the brand image of a bargain brand. Hyundai cars have been shunned by consumers looking for high-performance vehicles.Hyundai said in a statement on Friday that it has established the High Performance Vehicle & Motorsport Division headed by Thomas Shemera, the former head of BMW's M Division. "We plan to allure car manias who want 'driving fun' with our high-performance vehicles and their unique characteristics," it said.In an attempt to produce high-performance vehicles, it has sponsored motorsport events at home and abroad and operates motorsport teams including a World Rally Championship team.

Virtual money market attracted five million visitors in January

About five million people visited virtual money trading firms in South Korea in January at the height of controversy over tightened government regulations, according to a survey by Nielsen Koreanclick, an internet market research firm.The survey found that about 5.09 million people visited domestic cryptocurrency exchanges in January, compared to 7.76 million people who used their PCs and smartphones to visit stock-related websites. Virtual money trading was popular among young people in their 20s and 30s who accounted for 53.3 percent of the total visitors to cryptocurrency exchanges.In January, Bithumb was the country's most popular cryptocurrency exchange with 3.33 million visitors, followed by Upbit with 2.72 million and Coinone with 700,000. Coinnest was fourth with 510,000 visitors and Korbit stood fifth with 500,000.

U.S. says denuclearization remains goal of engagement

Denuclearization will remain the goal of any engagement with North Korea, the U.S. State Department said Sunday, as South Korea prepared to send a high-level delegation to the reclusive regime.The five-member delegation led by President Moon Jae-in's chief national security adviser, Chung Eui-yong, will visit Pyongyang Monday, the South's presidential office, Cheong Wa Dae, said earlier in the day.The delegation is expected to meet with their North Korean counterparts during a two-day stay to discuss ways to improve inter-Korean ties and create the conditions for U.S.-North Korea dialogue."We are in close contact with the Republic of Korea about our unified response to North Korea, including the need to maintain maximum pressure to achieve a denuclearized Korean Peninsula," a State Department official told Yonhap on background.


Maeil Business News Korea (

Korea’s top 10 companies pay record dividends to foreigners last year

South Korea’s top 10 business groups paid out record dividends of more than 7 trillion won ($6.46 billion) to foreign investors last year, data showed. According to Seoul-based business tracker, offshore investors received 7.11 trillion won in dividends from Korea’s 10 largest conglomerates in 2017, up 31.4 percent from the previous year. The total dividend payout of the top 10 listed members was up 27.7 percent on year to reach 15.4 trillion in the same period. The share of foreign dividends rose from 43.7 percent in 2015 to 46.3 percent in 2017. Samsung Group topped the list, its payout to foreigner investors up 45.6 percent on year to 3.91 trillion won. The bulk of it belonged to Samsung Electronics Co., whose foreign dividends amounted to 3.5 trillion won.

Samsung Elec to reveal new QLED TV in NY, makes push in ultra-large TV

Samsung Electronics Co. will unveil its latest 2018 QLED TV at an upcoming event in New York as it seeks to cement its leadership in the rapidly growing ultra-large TV market. According to industry sources on Sunday, the South Korean tech giant is to hold the global launching event on Mar. 7 at the American Stock Exchange in Manhattan, New York. While the model has not yet been disclosed, it is expected to reveal an extensive lineup of ultra-large TVs with artificial intelligence-enhanced capabilities and improved color volume. Observers see Samsung’s focus on big-screen TVs as a means to break through flat TV growth as many expect ultra-large 75-inch TVs to drive market growth in the coming years. According to market data provider IHS Markit, shipment of 75-inches-or-larger premium TVs is forecast to jump 42.3 percent year-over-year to 1.69 million units this year. The market is expected to continue its strong growth, with sales projected to reach over 3.39 million in 2020.

KDB pursuing a new deal with Doublestar to sell Kumho Tire via rights offering

State-run Korea Development Bank (KDB) is reattempting to sell Kumho Tire to Qingdao-based Doublestar Tyre through recapitalization scheme that would make the Chinese company the majority shareholder with a 45 percent stake in the Korean counterpart through purchase of new shares worth 646.3 billion won ($597.4 million). “The Doublestar option is the best to normalize (Kumho Tire) business and prevent further losses for creditors,” Lee Dai-hyun, vice chairman of KDB, told reporters Friday. The resurface of Doublestar card after a deal with the smaller Chinese tire maker flopped late last year came as a surprise as creditors which have been rolling over 1.3 trillion won debt this week talked of the option of sending Kumho Tire to the bankruptcy court.


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