The President Meets with Members of the Korean Community in Canada
The President Meets with Members of the Korean Community in Canada
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President Park Geun-hye, who is making a state visit to Canada, held a dinner last night with invited members of local Korean communities in Canada. Attending the first official event of the President’s state visit were some 210 Koreans and Korean Canadians, including Canadian Federal Senator Yonha Martin.
President Park gave high marks to the rising standing of the Korean community in Canada, which has grown into an exemplary, respected community on the strength of the assiduous diligence of Korean residents, and applauded the members of the community. The President also took note of the significance of her visit: As the first state visit to Canada by a Korean President in 15 years, it is also the first time since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1963 for the leaders of the two countries to have made reciprocal visits during the same year. The President also gave a high evaluation to how bilateral relations have continued to develop for over half a century.
The President next explained various domestic and foreign policies of the Korean Government as well as policies concerning the seven million overseas Koreans and related efforts to improve services for them, educate the younger generations and develop networks.
The dinner was an opportunity for the President to communicate directly with the members of the local Korean communities and hear from them about their diverse experiences and their expectations with regard to their mother country. Such input will be reflected in the development of further measures to advance the administrative priority of promoting greater happiness for the Korean people.
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