Cool Bingsoo Delights at Cilantro Deli
Cool Bingsoo Delights at Cilantro Deli
  • Hillary Kang
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Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Cilantro Deli is showcasing bingsoo, a special Korean dessert made with shaved ice and various tasty toppings. These summery treats will be available for enjoyment in the hotel lobby lounge until the end of August.

The Korean bingsoo is the ideal refreshing treat to help you beat the summer heat. Three refreshing bingsoo varieties will be offered: green tea bingsoo; mango bingsoo; and fruit bingsoo at the price of KW15,000 each.

Cilantro Deli’s manager, Seo Won-seon said, “Korean bingsoo has seen a revival in recent years, gaining in popularity as ingredients have become more premium and more sophisticated. Our bingsoos offer pure and simple yet incredible flavors thanks to high end ingredients including green tea, mango and strawberry ice creams and fluffy, delicately shaved ice. They are a delicious way stay cool during Korea’s humid summer – and at an affordable price, too!”

Cilantro Deli is located next to the main entrance in the hotel lobby. The location is convenient for grabbing goods on your way out, but there is also a comfortable seating section in the spacious main lobby, where guests are invited to savor the deli’s offerings in style.

Cilantro Deli offers a variety of coffees and other beverages for both dine-in and take out. There is a sumptuous selection of goods such as decadent cakes, handmade chocolates and gourmet fresh baked breads and pastries. The Deli also offers prepared sandwiches and salads that are perfect for grabbing on the go or to enjoy leisurely in the newly revamped seating section in the lobby. There is also a wide selection of fine wines and champagnes for sale – ideal for a celebration or as a thoughtful gift.

Cilantro Deli will be open from 6:00AM to 10:00PM, seven days a week.

For enquiries, please call Cilantro Deli at (02) 317-3064. Prices quoted above are already inclusive of tax and service charge.

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