Maqom - classical art with ancient history
Maqom - classical art with ancient history
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Classical music is a kind of professional music with perfection, complexity meaning and listener, creator and performer. Uzbek maqom is a bright example and advanced genre of the classical music. In Uzbekistan Shashmaqom is shaped as the system of Khorazm maqoms and Fergana--Tashkent maqoms. Each regions maqom has own status. Particularly, Shashmaqom includes 6 large categories. They are Buzrukh, Rost, Navo, Dugokh, Segokh, Irokh maqoms. Khorazm maqoms have seven categories: Rost, Navo, Segokh, Dugokh, Buzrukh, Irokh and Panjgokh. Fergana Tashkent maqoms have own manners called “Bayot”, “Dugokh Khusayniy”, “Chorgokh”, and “Shakhnozi gulyor”. Maqoms own feature are the rhythm system, the cyclical aspects, the texts written on the aruz are performed by skilled and well educated musicians. Both layers have been studied by national traditions. These traditions are reflected in creativity and performance. Creativity and performance are the two lines of the action. One is the basis for the second, second is the animator for the first.

The 1st Maqom Art International Forum is going to be held from Sept. 6-10 , 2018 in Shakhrisabz city of Uzbekistan.

1. Creativity--traditions of musical and singing music. Creativity is associated with both layers and it`s distinguished by basic principles, which are found in their own layer and have been practiced for many centuries.

2. Performance--musician and singing. Their work has also extensive coverage. This is definitely characterized by the colorfulness of the instruments and the richness of the genres. In practice, their traditions are formed through the Ustoz-shogird (Master-apprentice) schools and are kept as a legacy and developed. The main type of this layer was verbal. Accordingly folklore music, sagas, maqams, instrumentalists art have brought up national musical traditions. Over the centuries it has been developing. Music science passed long path a great extent in the field of music based on the development of science and the development society. The basic of this is first of all verbal perform. However, the development of this tradition through the use of written information has also shown its effectiveness. In our days they are also learning in written traditions. Its development connected with modern creativity and performance art. Written exploration has great place in keeping this traditions. First of all, it provides the result of analytical investigation in foundation of traditions; second it is the main source of development process. This process is worth for developing Uzbek maqom art, creativity and singing. In our period Uzbekistan music creativity and performance traditions are prolonging in compassion and compositing works.

Monajat Yultchieva - a famous Uzbek singer of Maqom

Especially you can mention that they are appearing in a modern performance. They are found their modern appearance in all genres: symphonic, vocal and instrumental music. It’s a vivid example of the recognition of maqom art. Despite the fact that this art has been less mentioned for seventy years, maqom has been built on creativity and performance. Particularly, the development stage has developed over the last half century. It should be noted that the stages of development of musical traditions of the past have been studied in practice. They contain compositions and techniques, musical instruments, practical performances and information about artists and performance. In the twentieth century, music critics of the classical music of the past have been well worth studying. Great booklets were published by musician scientist Iskhak Rajabov (books-“Maqomlar masalasiga doir” (1963), “Maqomlar” (2006), O. Matyokubov “Maqomot” (2004). In the theoretical and practical process, the creative work of academician Yunus Rajabiy is a great example of success. The Uzbek musical heritage has been able to perform Shashmaqom’s notes and sound recordings. In the development criteria of the traditions of maqom, three processes are important, which are directly related to performance. These are the creative approach, enrichment of new performances, creativity of composers. The creative approach relates to the performance of the department and creates modern interpretations of individual and group ensembles performances. The new enrichment criterion can be explained by the creation of new works on the basis of Shashmaqom structural subdivisions. “Savti Fattokhon”, “Khojiniyoz”, “Segokh” categories and etc. In the composers’ work (Y. Rajabiy, I. Ikromov, F. Mamadaliyev, J. Sultonov, M. Murtazayev, O. Xotamov, A. Ismoilov, O. Rasulov et al.), hundreds of new songs and melodies were created.

Academy of Maqam

Maqom Art International Forum has been established by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in order to:

Popularize widely one of the famous genre of classical and musical art of East people, to preserve maqom culture contemporarily with modern life, learn and investigate them ,develop and encourage professional maqom performers and support them;

Expand public attitude of youth to maqom art in generation’s soul, to perform rich, artistic and esthetic opportunities of musical heritage, strengthen relations of friendship between nations regularly;

Encompass Uzbek maqom and music genres of East people, exchange cultural-scientific information, make scientific and creative cooperation, expand cultural and spiritual relations internationally.

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