Samsung Electronics ranks 7th in U.S. brand relevance index
Samsung Electronics ranks 7th in U.S. brand relevance index
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South Korea tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. has ranked seventh in global brand based on marketing consultancy Prophet's annual brand relevance survey, industry sources said Monday.

Samsung's ranking is up three notches from last year and the highest among non-American brands. Samsung has also made the top 10 list for the fourth consecutive year.

Samsung is also the sole Asian company that has ranked among the top 10 most relevant brands in the World's largest economy.

Prophet said Samsung is the best example of creating a connected home as it has positioned itself as a beloved brand through continuous innovation.

To find out which brands are the most relevant to people's lives, Prophet conducted a survey of 12,694 U.S. consumers about 299 brands across 37 industries, measuring across four brand principles: customer obsession, ruthless pragmatism, pervasive innovation and distinctive inspiration.

The Prophet index measures which brands are truly indispensable to people's lives and how forces like technology are changing consumer behaviors.

Apple topped this year's list, followed by e-commerce giant Amazon, social network service Pinterest, streaming video giant Netflix, Android and Google.

Among other Asian brands, Japanese electronics company Sony ranked 21st, with automakers Toyota and Honda of Japan placing 29th and 31st, respectively. (yonhap)

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