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Italian S-T meeting with Korean scientists for cooperation with SMEs

Science Attache Francesco Canganella at the Italian Embassy in Seoul hosted a year-end S&T Meeting at Fine Trattoria of Paolo de Maria in Hannam-dong, Seoul on Dec. 17, 2014.

Purpose of the meeting was to introduce the attendants to the current opportunities for science and technology collaboration between Korea and Italy as well as exchange of greetings and wishes for the peaceful and fruit New Year.

▲Science Attache Canganella speaks to Korea science- technology professors.

Many Korean university professors and experts in science and technology attended the meeting followed by a buffet luncheon hosted by Science Attache Canganella.

Speaking to the meeting, Mrs. Canganella said that Italy has many small-medium enterprises (SMEs) who specialize in specific field of industry for hundreds of years and that they form a sound foundation of the Italian economy.

Then she emphasized the possibility and importance of cooperation between Korea and Italy with developed basic science and technology and the manufacturing industries of Korea.

The meeting provided the Korean participants with an opportunity to reflect on themselves because unlike Italy Korea lacks in competitive SMEs as the capital is all but monopolized by Jaebeol and other big businesses which the government is trying to improve.

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