Amore-Pacific launches a support program for dermatologists
Amore-Pacific launches a support program for dermatologists
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To enhance research capabilities and competitiveness in skin study

Under its ‘Amore Pacific Rising Dermatologists Support Program’, Amore Pacific, a world’s leading cosmetics company based in Korea, awarded on December 18, 2014 grants to 4 young and rising dermatologists at the office of Korea Dermatological Association in Seoul.

To enhance research capabilities and competitiveness in skin study, Amore Pacific has been supporting young and promising dermatologists since 2010 in conjunction with Korea Dermatological Association, selecting 4 dermatologists annually. Under the support program, the two organizations supported 20 dermatologists thus far, providing 40 million won (approximately $36,300) for two years per person. Accordingly, 800 million won will be supported to these dermatologists by next year in total.

▲Director Pak Yeong-ho of the Amore-Pacific Medial Beauty Research Institute (center) poses with the awardees of the grants for the support of the new dermatolory scientits.

Young dermatologists selected for the grants in this year include Prof. Lee Won-ju at Kyungpook National University School of Medicine, Prof. Won Jong-hyeon at Asan Medical Center of University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Prof. Kim Do-yeong at Yonsei University College of Medicine, and Prof. Yu Hwa-jeong at Korea University Anam Hospital. With grants, Prof. Lee Won-ju will conduct research on ‘Effect of Vitamin D on Cultured Sebum Cells’ for two years, while Prof. Won Jong-hyeon will carry out a ‘Study on Method of Accelerating Growth of Hair Using Signaling Pathway of AMP Kinase’. And, Prof. Kim Do-yeong and Prof. Yu Hwa-jeong will conduct research on ‘Investigation on Revelation of TRIM Protein and Clinical Significance in Behcet’s Disease’, and ‘Study on Mechanism of Controlling Revelation of TSLP by IL-33 in Keratinocyte HaCat Cells’, respectively.

At the grant awarding ceremony, Director Pak Yeong-ho of Medical Beauty Research Institute in Amore Pacific’s Technology Research Center said, “We hope the research grants will help young dermatologists invigorate research activities and contribute to sharpening competitiveness in dermatology study. Amore Pacific is committed to expanding international exchanges in this area to build environment where people around the world can keep healthier and more beautiful skin.”

Meanwhile, Amore Pacific has been leading technological innovation since it established the Technology Research Center in 1954, the first of its kind in the cosmetics industry in Korea. And it is expanding research networks with universities and research organizations in Korea and other countries to rapidly deal with trends in the market.

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