Samsung showcases new ultrasound system
Samsung showcases new ultrasound system
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Samsung Medison, a health care instrument manufacturer under Samsung Electronics Co., on Monday unveiled a new premium ultrasound system, HERA W10, which delivers improved image quality for more accurate diagnoses of patients.

Samsung said HERA W10, which stands for Hyper-aperture Enhanced Reconstruction Architecture, boasts an elevenfold increase in processing power and is 10 times faster compared with its previous system, the company said.

Shown in the photo provided by Samsung Electronics Co. on Oct. 22, 2018, is the HERA W10 ultrasound device.

The product was introduced at the 28th World Congress of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology, which runs through on Oct. 17, 2018 in Singapore.

"It is expected to facilitate the examination of high-risk pregnancies and early diagnosis of abnormal fetus conditions," Samsung added.

The medical device maker said the platform is applied with Samsung's Crystal Architecture solution, which combines its top-notch technologies, such as the CrystalLive image engine and CrystalBeam beamformer.

Samsung added the HERA W10 is capable of delivering detailed views of patients' complex blood flow. The ShadowHDR technology, which optimizes the brightness depending on color, helps medical experts observe fetuses' internal organs and brain.

The HQ-Vision technology assists doctors in detecting "clinically important details" as well. The product's touch screen allows them to quickly browse through the menu, Samsung added.

The company also showcased a prototype edition of HERA I10, a next-generation chair-type ultrasound system, during the event.

"HERA I10 provides a comfortable experience for both the doctor and the patient by addressing the discomfort caused by the spacing and the position of the clinicians and eliminating the need for the patient to shift the body, as it automatically adjusts for proper positioning," Samsung said.(Yonhap)

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