Ritz-Carlton Seoul sells premium Lunar New Year gift sets
Ritz-Carlton Seoul sells premium Lunar New Year gift sets
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Including assorted Hanu (Korean) beef

The Ritz-CarltonSeoul is selling a range of Lunar New Year gift sets until Feb.22, 2015. Prepared by experts in Korean festive cuisine, assorted hanu(Korean beef) sets feature a combination of Grade 1++ Korean hanu tenderloin and sirloin cuts. Priced from 330,000 to 590,000, they are packaged in a high quality box and wrapped with a traditional bojagi wrapping cloth.
Other premium meat sets includ esteamed Australian ribs (3kg; 350,000 won), Australian beef pogalbi (3kg; 450,000 won), and Australian beef LA rib (380,000 won).

Mountain honey pine mushrooms are pine mushrooms gathered from mountain pine forests before being left to mature for long periods in honey in a cool environment using a special, patented technique. This unique pairing of the rich flavor of Korean honey and the deep aroma of natural pine mushrooms is available for 190,000 won.
The Ritz-CarltonSeoul's unique range of hampers offers several excellent gift options, ranging in price from 290,000 to 440,000 won. Customers also have the opportunity to create their own, custom-made hampers by selecting the ideal range of contents. The hotel will add various Ritz-Carlton-branded items, including the signature blue goblet, lion mascot and towels, creating a truly one-of-a-kind gift. All prices indicated include tax.
Inquiries and reservations: (02) 3451-8278 (By Linda Yoon)

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