Moon: ‘I’ll fight Park if she fails democracy, recovery of commoners’ economy
Moon: ‘I’ll fight Park if she fails democracy, recovery of commoners’ economy
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Rep. Moon Jae-in elected as new chairman of NPAD

Rep. Moon Jae-in of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD) declared on Feb. 8, 2015, “I will wage an all-out war on President Park Geun-hye if should continue to fail to respect the rule of democracy and hurt the economy of the common people.” Speaking at the National Convention of the NPAD at the Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul following his election as new chairman of the NPAD, Moon said that he will visit the tombs of the two right-wing former PresidentsSyngman Rhee and President Park Chung-hee at the National Cemetery, which is an indication that he will try to woo the middle of the roaders to increase supporters among the centrists and reform-minded conservatives.
At the NPAD national convention, Moon won 45.3% of the total number of votes followed by Rep. Park Ji-won with 41.78% and Rep. Lee In-young with 12.92%.

There were four different elections and the proportion of the votings reflected in the election was 45% by the party delegates, 30% by the regular party members (who pay membership dues), 15% by ordinary members and 10% by the public opinion surveys.
The election result boosted the image of Moon as the party’s Presidential candidate in the December Presidential election in 2017.
Then he said that he will repay to the NPAD for the support given him by winning the National Assembly general elections slated in 20016. “I will change the politics of Korea staking my name, Moon Jae-in, on it” he said.
Then he declared: “The NPAD has started changing and the change is aimed at our victory at the National Assembly elections. Right from this moment, the NPAD will try to recover its vitality and put an end to the division and factionalism in the party. Let us now all march toward our victory.”
Moon will begin his two-year term with five new Supreme Council members who were also elected among eight candidates. They are Reps. JooSeung-yong, Jung Cheong-rae, Jun Byung-hun, Oh Young-sik and You Seung-hee.

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