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“EU will aim to bring contribution to ensuring convergence, cohesion in Europe”Presentation of priorities of the Romanian Presidency of the EU

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Ambassador Mihai Ciompec of Romania in Seoul hosted reception meeting on Jan. 18, 2019 for the presentation of the priorities of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU.
It was attended by the European Union ambassador and other mission chiefs in Korea, mostly from the European countries.

Ambassador Mihai Ciompec of Romania speaks to the guests at a presentation of the priorities of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU

Ambassador Ciompec made an impressive speech, of which the gist was as follows:
The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union will aim to bring a contribution to ensuring convergence and cohesion in Europe, in order to achieve sustainable and equal development opportunities for all citizens and Member States, through increasing competiveness and reducing development gaps, promoting connectivity and digitalization, stimulating entrepreneurship and consolidating the European industrial policy.
Main objectives: Taking forward the negotiation process on the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework.

Ambassador Michael Reiterer of Delegation of the European Union speaks after the speech of Ambassador Ciompec of Romania.

Developing the EU social dimension, through the enforcement of the European Pillar of Social Rights.
Advancing the EU agenda in the economic and financial fields, in order to stimulate growth and investment, to deepen the Economic and Monetary Union, as well as to support structural reforms.
Promoting research and innovation, digitalization and connectivity, in order to increase the competitiveness of the European economy and industry.
The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union will aim at consolidating a safer Europe through increased cohesion among EU Member States in dealing with the new security challenges that threaten the safety of citizens and through supporting the cooperation initiatives in the field.

Ambasssador Mihai Ciompec of Romania (second from left, front row) listens to a speech with other ambassadors. On the left of Ambassador Ciompec is Ambassador Eero Suominen of Finland and on his right is Ambassador Michael Reiterer of Delegation of the EU. Ambassadors Stephan Auer of Germany and Peteris Vaivars of Latvia are seen on the left behind the front row.

Sttrengthening the internal security, by boosting cooperation among Member States and increasing the interoperability of the EU security systems, protecting the safety of the citizens, companies and public institutions in the cyberspace and improving the overall resilience of the Union to cyber-attacks.
Continuing the fight against terrorism:
Facilitating the operationalization of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.
Giving further attention to migration issues, based on a comprehensive approach to action within the EU and on promoting cooperation with countries of origin and transit, as well as facilitating the dialogue among Member States with a view to finding solutions for an effective and sustainable EU migration and asylum policy.
During its mandate as Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Romania will support further consolidating the global role of the EU through promoting the enlargement policy, the European action in its neighbourhood, further implementing the Global Strategy, ensuring the necessary resources for the EU, and implementing all of the EU’s global commitments.
Main objectives included:
Promoting the strengthening of EU’s defence and security capabilities in strong connection with the similar processes within NATO, with a special emphasis on consolidating the Strategic EU-NATO Partnership.
Supporting further development of actions in the field of Common Security and Defence Policy, mainly by consolidating the current mechanisms while ensuring the synergy of the new instruments, such as: Coordinated Annual Review on Defence, European Defence Fund, and Permanent Structured Cooperation.
Advancing the enlargement process of the EU in order to ensure more internal and external security.
Promoting coordinated and coherent actions in the EU’s neighbourhood, while celebrating 10 years since the launch of the Eastern Partnership, through reaffirming the importance of the Black Sea on EU agenda, including from the perspective of reinvigorating the Black Sea Synergy.
Promoting the European commercial interests through both the consolidation of multilateralism and the modernisation of the multilateral trade system and through the enlargement of the Economic and Free Trade Partnership Agreements.

The Europe of common values:
The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union aims at stimulating the solidarity and cohesion of the EU through promoting policies on combating discrimination, ensuring equal chances and equal treatment between men and women, as well as through increasing the involvement of the citizens, in particular the youth, in the European debates.
Main objectives include:
Promoting the efficient countering of racism, intolerance, xenophobia, populism, antisemitism and discouraging hate speech.
Promoting the countering of online misinformation and fake news through better media literacy and the development of European mechanisms to share good practices in countering misinformation.
Promoting and supporting the legislative initiatives focusing on social progress and reducing development gaps, equal opportunities between men and women, as well as ensuring access to education and training for disadvantaged categories.
Countering gender discrimination in the labor market and business environment as well as the pay gaps between men and women.

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