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Headlines, February 25, 2019

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Monday, February 25, 2019

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North Korea, U.S. continue summit preparations

A team of North Korean officials continued their preparations Sunday to work out the itinerary and logistics for leader Kim Jong-un, who's on his way to Vietnam for a second summit with U.S. President Donald Trump. The team led by Kim Chang-son, an official at the State Affairs Commission, was spotted leaving the Vietnamese government guesthouse at about 10 a.m. and going into the conference and business center at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi. He was accompanied by Pak Chol, vice chairman of the Korean Asia-Pacific Peace Committee. The Metropole Hotel is being cited as the most likely place Kim Jong-un will stay during his visit to the utheast Asian nation. North Korean state media reported that Kim left for Hanoi by train Saturday afternoon. Vietnam's foreign ministry said earlier that Kim will be paying a "goodwill visit" to the country before he meets with Trump.

Banks to fully open payment systems to fintech firms

Banks have agreed to fully open their payment systems to financial technology firms, the head of the financial regulator said Monday, in a move that will provide a level playing field for new players and increase competition in the financial industry. Choi Jong-ku, chairman of the Financial Services Commission, made the remarks at a meeting with chief executives of financial holding firms earlier in the day.

N.K. leader's train heads south without stopping in Beijing

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's special train passed the northeastern Chinese port city of Tianjin on Sunday, sources said, after departing from Pyongyang the previous day for Hanoi for a summit with U.S. President Donald Trump. The train, which left Pyongyang Railway Station around 5 p.m. on Saturday, crossed into the Chinese border city of Dandong about 9:30 p.m. before reaching Tianjin around 1 p.m. on Sunday, a source in Beijing said on condition of anonymity. "From Jiefang Bridge, Chairman Kim's train was witnessed passing," the source said. From the morning, security around Tianjin Railway Station was tightened, with an increased police officer presence, and by the time the train passed, areas around the station were tightly controlled, with some roads put off limits, the source said.


KBS (http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/news/)

Special Train Carrying Kim Jong-un Likely to Arrive in Vietnam on Tuesday

A special train carrying North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is traveling across China for a second summit between Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump in Vietnam. The train, which departed Pyongyang at around 5 p.m. on Saturday, was spotted passing through Tianjin in northern China on Sunday. Kim's train, running at 60 to 70 kilometers per hour, is expected to cross the Chinese border into Vietnam on Tuesday morning.

Trump Set to Leave for Hanoi on Monday

U.S. President Donald Trump will leave early Monday for his second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un set for Wednesday and Thursday in Hanoi. Trump tweeted on Sunday that he believes North Korea could become a "great economic power" without nuclear weapons and that he and Kim expect a continuation of the progress made at their first summit in Singapore. The American president added "Chairman Kim realizes, perhaps better than anyone else, that without nuclear weapons, his country could fast become one of the great economic powers anywhere in the world."

UN Grants Sanctions Exemptions for Humanitarian Aid for N. Korea

The United Nations Security Council has granted sanctions exemptions to the World Health Organization(WHO) and two non-governmental organizations(NGOs) to provide North Korea with humanitarian aid. A U.N. committee overseeing sanctions on North Korea said on its Web site that it has granted the waivers for the WHO as well as for the Irish NGO Concern Worldwide and the German NGO Deutsche Welthungerhilfe earlier this month. The list of items approved for the WHO include decontamination kits and radio communications equipment for the safety of its staff stationed in North Korea.


Yonhap (http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr)

Court finalizes life sentence for murderer of NCsoft president's father

The Supreme Court has confirmed a life sentence for a 42-year-old man convicted of killing the father of NCsoft President Yoon Song-yee, the top court said Monday.The court upheld the lower court sentence, turning down the prosecution's request for the death penalty and the defense's request for a lighter penalty. The man identified only by his surname Heo was indicted on suspicion of stabbing Yoon's father to death and stealing his car, smartphone and wallet over a parking dispute near the victim's house in the town of Yangpyeong, 55 kilometers east of Seoul, on Oct. 25, 2017.

N.K. leader eyes image as reliable economic leader

Ahead of this week's summit with U.S. President Donald Trump, North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un is hogging the global limelight, where he may seek to craft an image as a reliable leader for diplomatic and economic cooperation. The Hanoi summit, set for Wednesday and Thursday, is expected to be another chance for Kim to carve out that image -- crucial for his push to ease Pyongyang's isolation, create diplomatic and business opportunities and rebuild its threadbare economy, analysts said Monday.The second meeting with Trump is a culmination of the charm offensive that he launched early last year when he shifted his policy focus to the economy after he strengthened his hand with the declaration on the "completion of the state nuclear force" in November 2017.

Supreme Court ups maximum working age to 65

The Supreme Court on Thursday recognized the age of 65 as the maximum age that people are physically fit to work, breaking a nearly 30-year precedent that will likely reshape the notion of retirement and impact related industries. In a 10-3 vote, the full bench reversed an appellate court ruling that ordered the family of a drowning accident victim to be compensated based on the applied age of 60 to determine the indemnity. Thursday's ruling now requires the appeals court to deliver a fresh ruling for Park Dong-hyun and his family, who lodged a 493.5 million-won (US$439,170) damages suit against a swimming pool operator after they lost their 4-year-old son in August 2015.


The Korea Herald (http://www.koreaherald.com)

US, NK ready for second summit

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un set out for Hanoi by train Saturday, North Korean media reported Sunday. North Korean state media reported in the early hours of Sunday that Kim left Pyongyang by train to attend the summit with US President Donald Trump. On the trip, which is expected to take approximately 60 hours, Kim is accompanied by a number of top officials including his sister Kim Yo-jong and top aide Kim Yong-chol.

Police to crack down on drug crimes amid Burning Sun scandal

Police said Sunday they plan to conduct an intensive crackdown on drug-related crimes over the next three months amid escalating allegations involving drug use and sexual abuse at Gangnam-based nightclub Burning Sun. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency will clamp down on drug-related crimes from Feb. 25 to May 24 to root out sexual abuse linked to the use of drugs and cozy ties between nightclubs and some police officers.

More air purifiers to be installed in classrooms

More air purifiers will be installed in classrooms across South Korea, the Education Ministry said Sunday, as concerns are growing over children’s health amid toxic levels of dust particles. The plans were laid out at a meeting among some 17 officials from 17 regional education offices to boost students’ safety at schools.


The Korea Times (http://www.koreatimes.co.kr)

North Korea warns US skeptics as Kim heads for summit with Trump

North Korea warned U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday not to listen to U.S. critics who weredisrupting efforts to improve ties, as its leader, Kim Jong-un, made his way across China by train to a second summit with Trump in Vietnam. The two leaders will meet in Hanoi on Wednesday and Thursday, eight months after their historic summit in Singapore, the first between a sitting U.S. president and a North Korean leader, where they pledged to work toward the complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

Moon's approval rating climbs ahead of Kim-Trump summit

President Moon Jae-in's job approval rating rose last week, a poll showed Monday, apparently helped by the upcoming U.S.-North Korea summit aimed at denuclearizing the North. The president's support came to 51 percent last week, up 1.2 percentage points from a week earlier, according to Realmeter.The weekly survey was conducted Monday through Friday, involving 2,514 adults throughout the nation. The on-week increase came ahead of the second summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, scheduled to be held in Hanoi from Wednesday through Thursday. The two leaders first met in Singapore in June.

Police to crack down on drug abuse at nightclubs

In the wake of drug-linked rape allegations at a Gangnam-based nightclub, police are set to all-out combat narcotics circulation. According to the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) Sunday, it will conduct a three-month intensive crackdown on drug-related crimes, mobilizing all narcotics agents across the country, until April. "The police will put out all its effort to eradicate crime using illegal drugs through this intensive control," a police officer said. "We will also actively protect the identity of those making reports as they are important in solving the issue at hand and will make sure that they are protected with anonymity."


Chosun Ilbo (http://english.chosun.com)

Kim Jong-un on Train to Hanoi

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un left Pyongyang on Saturday afternoon to take the scenic route aboard an armored train to the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, where he meets with U.S. President Donald Trump. Kim makes the 60-hour 4,500 km journey through China to northern Vietnam even though it would have taken just four hours by plane, apparently in order to milk the trip for maximum publicity and show off his close ties with China. The epic journey conveniently diverts attention from the fact that there has been little progress in pre-summit negotiations about denuclearization while most of the attention has been focused on the location and venue.

Samsung's 5G Foldable Phone to Go on Sale in Korea in May

Samsung plans to roll out the world's first foldable 5G smartphone in Korea around the middle of May, according to the company's mobile chief Koh Dong-jin.The Korean electronics giant on Wednesday unveiled the Galaxy Fold at a media event in San Francisco. "We plan to launch 4G LTE products in the U.S. first and expand the number of countries," Koh said at the event. "But in Korea we'll launch a 5G model." 5G communication services start here next month, a world first, and Samsung hopes to sell at least 1 million 5G handsets this year.


HanKyoReh Shinmun (http://english.hani.co.kr)

US needs to be more proactive and flexible in approach to sanctions relief

The US government held a conference call with the press to explain its position in regard to a number of disputes related to the North Korea-US summit. During that call, a senior official in the US government spoke of the need for movements that are “very fast” and “very big” and called on the North to take action. The White House also released a separate statement in which it listed incentives, asserting that it’s prepared to bring investment into North Korea if it follows through on its commitment to complete denuclearization. With the second North Korea-US summit right around the corner, the US appears to be approaching the North with a combination of pressure and placation.

Hanoi summit to be similar in format to Singapore summit, US official says

The summit in Hanoi between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump will be “similar in format to [the summit] last June 12 in Singapore,” a US administration official said on Feb. 21. “There will be an opportunity for the two leaders to see one another one-on-one, to share a meal and engage in expanded meetings of their respective delegations,” the official explained in a conference call, adding that details on the exact format of the meeting would emerge shortly. The three areas mentioned by the official – one-on-one and expanded meetings and a shared meal – are considered essential minimum components of a summit. Other important elements are almost certain to be included in the schedule as well.

US citizens send letter demanding punishment of LKP members who deny Gwangju Massacre

US citizens Martha Huntley and Barbara Peterson were present in Gwangju during the events of the May 1980 Gwangju Democratization Movement. They were there at the time with their respective husbands, Rev. Charles Betts Huntley (Korean name Heo Cheol-seon) and Rev. Arnold Peterson (Bae Tae-seon). Then head of the chaplain’s office at Kwangju Christian Hospital, Rev. Huntley sheltered residents fleeing martial law forces; photographs that he sent of the injured and slain provided evidence to the world of the brutal events of the Gwangju Democratization Movement. Rev. Peterson also recorded violent acts of suppression by martial law forces and shooting from helicopters on site in Gwangju, where he was preparing for a South Korea-US evangelical meeting. Both pastors have since passed away, but their widows remain historical witnesses to the massacre.


The Dong-A Ilbo (http://english.donga.com/)

Kim Jong Un: 'No more nukes for our children'

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un spoked to U.S. State Secretary Mike Pompeo, who visited Pyongyang last April, that he does not want his children to live in the ear of nukes, according to former head of the CIA's Korea Mission Center Andrew Kim on Friday. Kim addressed Stanford University on the day, looking back onto the conversation between Pompeo and Kim. When asked if he is determined to achieve denuclearization, Kim answered that he is also a father as well as a husband.

Saudi Arabia names first female U.S. ambassador

Saudi Arabia has appointed a princess in her 40s as its first female ambassador to the United States. Arab News reported Saturday that Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud was named as an ambassador to serve in the United States in a royal decree issued by Deputy King Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Princess Reema is a daughter of Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, who served as the kingdom’s longtime ambassador to Washington from 1983 to 2005. She had accompanied her father and lived in the United States when young, but has no experience in diplomacy to speak of. This is why her appointment is being seen as the country’s attempt to improve its image by showing that they are open-minded about and committed to the progress of women’s rights and their participation in society.

Some airliners have cameras on seat-back screens

It has been reported by U.S. news media outlets including BuzzFeed on Saturday that three U.S. carriers such as American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines and Singapore Airlines have camera lenses installed onto TV screens at each seat. Such cameras are embedded in in-flight screens of other airliners to detect movements of passengers in the seats, BuzzFeed reported. A snooping eye is still on people even during flight. Seat screens, called an entertainment system, are equipped with camera lenses. A passenger who flew with Singapore Airlines has recently discovered that the screen in front of his seat has a camera lens on it, getting attention online by posting its picture on his social networking account. This has led other airliners to admit having camera lenses onboard.


JoongAng Ilbo (http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/)

Kim Jong-un departs for Hanoi by train

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un departed from Pyongyang by a special train for Vietnam for a second summit with U.S. President Donald Trump, reported the North’s state media Sunday. The North Korean entourage is expected to travel 4,500 kilometers (2,796 miles) by land and take up to 60 hours to reach Hanoi, Vietnam, where Kim will hold a state visit and a two-day summit with Trump to reach some sort of denuclearization deal in return for corresponding measures to ensure the North’s security. The journey would have taken roughly five hours if Kim had flown. Kim departed from Pyongyang Railway Station Saturday afternoon, reported the North’s official Korean Central News Agency, accompanied by top aides including Kim Yong-chol, the vice chairman of the ruling Workers’ Party’s Central Committee, Foreign Minister Ri Su-yong and his younger sister Kim Yo-jong.

March 1 movement had deep roots in North

On March 1, 1919, as thousands of people in Seoul flocked to the streets to proclaim Korea’s independence from Japan’s colonial rule, similar demonstrations were taking place in six other cities in present-day North Korea. The movement began downtown Seoul as 33 leaders from across the country convened at Taiwhagwan, a restaurant in Jongno District, to sign the Proclamation of Korean Independence on March 1, 1919. Students also held a ceremony declaring Korea’s independence and kicked off street demonstrations at Pagoda Park nearby, calling out “Manse,” or “long live.”


The KyungHyang Shinmun (http://english.khan.co.kr/)

Whose “Territory” Is Bolton's Trip to South Korea?

On February 20, CNN reported that U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton would visit South Korea this weekend ahead of the second summit between North Korea and the United States, scheduled for February 27-28 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The report drew instant attention from South Korea. The government did not deny the report, but it did not confirm it either. They refused to answer questions on why Bolton was coming and whom he was planning to meet. On the morning of February 21, Cheong Wa Dae simply sent out a text message with its official response to the reporters' questions on this issue stating, "It is not an issue that our government should confirm."


Maeil Business News Korea ( http://www.pulsenews.co.kr/)

Samsung Elec to produce DRAM chips at new plant in Pyeongtaek

The world’s largest memory chipmaker Samsung Electronics Co. is expected to produce dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips at its upcoming second manufacturing line in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, in a preemptive move to better cope with a recovery in chip demand. According to multiple sources from the semiconductor industry and Pyeongtaek City on Friday, Samsung Electronics has drawn up a plan to produce DRAM chips at its second chip plant that is currently being built in Pyeongtaek. This is a follow-up measure to the decision by the company’s management committee made February last year to invest in building a second line in its Pyeongtaek manufacturing complex. At that time, the company did not specify the purpose of the new line, which is widely expected to begin its operation before the first half of 2020.

Korea’s household debt hits fresh high of $1.36 tn, pace slows

South Korea’s household debt hit a new peak late last year, albeit at a slower pace due to the government’s tightened lending standards to cool the heated housing market. Household debt totaled 1,534.6 trillion won ($1.36 trillion) as of December 2018, up 5.8 percent from the same period a year earlier, according to the Bank of Korea on Friday. Despite the all-time high debt levels, the pace of growth was the slowest in five years, with annual debt gains falling below 100 trillion won for the first time in four years.

S. Korea’s CHA Group secures largest ownership in Singapore Medical Group

South Korea’s CHA Medical Group has sharply bumped up ownership in Singapore Medical Group (SMG) to become the largest stakeholder of the multi-disciplinary specialist clinic group with some 40 clinics across Southeast Asia in a move to accelerate its global push. CHA Medical Group said on Thursday that the Singaporean operation of CHA Healthcare Systems (CHS), a subsidiary of its listed CHA Biotech, has agreed to acquire additional stakes in Singapore Medical Group (SMG) at 50 million Singapore dollars ($36.9 million) to raise its holding from current 6.86 percent to 24.13 percent.


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