Grand Hilton Seoul presents ‘Unlimited Draft Beer Promotion’
Grand Hilton Seoul presents ‘Unlimited Draft Beer Promotion’
  • Son Da-som
  • 승인 2019.03.07 10:52
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Time to enjoy company dinner at 5-star hotel

Grand Hilton Seoul’s signature restaurant ‘Buffet Restaurant’ will hold ‘Unlimited draft beer promotion’, which offers unlimited beer at the buffet price without extra charge during weekdays.

Until May 31st, there will be an unlimited CASS draft beer with over 100 buffet menus including Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes on weekdays and evenings. They also have a ‘Tuesday Wine Dinner Buffet’, which allows you to enjoy red wine, white wine and sparkling wine on every Tuesday.

The Grand Hilton Seoul’s F&B director, Yoon Dong-sik said, “It’s perfect for family and friends to enjoy buffet signature menus including seasonal themed promotional food and unlimited liquor” also mentioned as “I highly recommend this promotion with reasonable price for those wants to have a company dinner after work”.

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