Renault Samsung labor union threatens to launch full-scale strike
Renault Samsung labor union threatens to launch full-scale strike
  • Park Byung-uk
  • 승인 2019.05.14 18:45
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The union launched 62 rounds of strikes from October

The labor union at Renault Samsung Motors Corp. on Tuesday threatened to launch a full-scale strike, calling on the company to come up with better collective bargaining deals.

The unionized workers of Renault Samsung, the Korean unit of French carmaker Renault S.A., said they will lay down their tools from next Tuesday unless the wage negotiations make progress with better proposals from the management.

"Based on its past behaviors, we believe that the management is not committed
to negotiating with us," the union said.

This file photo shows Renault Samsung Motors Corp.'s plant in Busan.

The management and union have been negotiating since last June for the 2018 collective agreement but have failed to narrow down differences in various areas, including base pay and new recruitment.

The union launched 62 rounds of partial strikes from October, resulting in production
losses of more than 14,000 vehicles, according to the automaker.

Against this backdrop, Renault Samsung had to temporarily halt operations of its Busan
plant last month. The company plans to suspend the plant's operations again later
this month.

The ongoing labor dispute has dragged down Renault Samsung's sales. In the
January-April period, its sales dropped 40 percent to 52,930 units from 87,996 in
the same four months in 2018. (Yonhap)

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