Lotte World “makes a miracle” for customers to celebrate its 30th anniversary
Lotte World “makes a miracle” for customers to celebrate its 30th anniversary
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Variety of contents introduced

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Lotte World is introducing a variety of contents under the theme of “Make a Miracle,” a gift to customers every minute. Lotte World Adventure introduced Korea's largest projection mapping show "Miracle Night," which will mark the last finale before closing. Seoul Sky opened “Sky Show,” the first video media pavilion in Korea's observatory to mark its second anniversary. Indeed, Lotte World is full of miracles as it is preparing multiple new programs in and beyond 2019.

Lotte World Adventure: Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Lotte World will introduce a variety of contents under the theme of “Make a Miracle.” Lotte World Adventure now offers Korea’s largest projection mapping show “Miracle Night.”

Korea’s biggest projection mapping show, “Miracle Night”
If anyone visits Lotte World Adventure in the future, he or she has a reason to stay until closing time. This is because Miracle Night, the biggest projection mapping show in Korea, opened on June 29. The 12-minute Miracle Night, which runs from 9:30 p.m., is “responsible for the final moments” of Lotte World Adventure along with the preceding night multimedia parade, “Let's Dream.”

Miracle Night is a special content that Lotte World created to celebrate its 30th anniversary, and the space is 180 meters long and up to 18 meters high. It is used as a screen of mapping images in the form of the structure, from the "Vesuvius Volcano" to the "Pharaoh's Wrath." The special effects of providing a sense of mystery, such as colorful projection images and lasers and flames from 14 projectors, turns Lotte World into a completely different new space for performances. In addition, exciting beats of EDM music and music recording actual instrument performances make the projection mapping show even more fantastic.

Seoul Sky: The Seoul Sky observatory provides thrilling and outstanding views of Seoul. The observatory deck has two-story-high glass windows for the 360-degree view. It’s on the 117 to 123rd floors of the Lotte World Tower, the tallest building in Korea, and the 5th in the world.

Marking its second anniversary, Lotte World Tower Observatory, “Seoul Sky” offers a new video media pavilion that combines a panoramic view of Seoul with a media device, providing an unforgettable experience for the audience. Seoul Sky is located on floors 117-123 of Lotte World Tower, Korea’s tallest and the world's fifth tallest building. The observation deck has two story-high glass windows for an uninterrupted view.

On July 4, Seoul Sky opened Korea’s first video media observatory named Sky Show. Under the theme of "Invitation to Heaven," the Sky Show describes the arrival of an airship from fantastic landmark trips around the world, including New York, Paris and Tokyo, at the end of the heavenly world, Seoul Sky. The video starts with a key to the airship at the Royal Tomb of King Muryeong, a scene staged to inform visitors that Jamsil in Songpa-gu, where Seoul Sky is located, is a representative historical site of ancient Hanseong Baekje. When the video is finished, the screen automatically rises to show the beautiful scenery of the Han River that cuts through Seoul.

The size of Seoul Sky is also overwhelming. The world's largest swing-up moving screen, 9 meters wide and 3 meters high, is installed, with 11 of them moving up and down and supporting stereoscopic viewing. The 3-meter wall and 1.5-meter floor screen are also connected to provide a more lively video experience. In addition, the waiting space is decorated with colorful lights and infinity mirrors, offering a unique viewing experience.

“Presenting the 30th anniversary miracle to our customers.”
“We are introducing a variety of contents under the theme 'Make a Miracle' that means giving a miracle to customers in celebration of the 30th anniversary," said CEO Park Dong-gi of Lotte World. "In addition to this content, we are planning to introduce a variety of programs such as 'Migung x House', a media content using Horror Maze's 'Magic Circle' and an even more upgraded Halloween festival event using the Attraction Giant Rupp,” CEO Park added.

Lotte World is the perfect spot for entertainment and sightseeing for Koreans and international tourists alike. It is a theme park filled with thrilling rides, an ice rink and different kinds of parades, as well as a folk museum, a lake, accommodations, department stores and more. Lotte World is divided into Lotte World Adventure, a world themed indoor area, and Magic Island theme outdoors, next to Seokchonhosu Lake.

Lotte World Adventure has districts representing different countries with various kinds of facilities and souvenir shops. You can enjoy watching parades, numerous films, laser shows, and tasting a variety of international cuisines year-round. Lotte World Adventure is the largest indoor amusement park in the world.

The Folk Museum is also one of the most popular museums among international visitors. Folk cultural items on display date back to 5,000 years in Korean history. The museum also features miniature villages and a playground. The museum layout was arranged to attract visitors' attention and the displays are easily understandable. In addition, audio-visual devices are provided to make one's visit even more enjoyable. Lotte World Garden Stage presents various themed musicals to match each season and Lotte World Star Avenue is the perfect place to experience Korean stars and the entertainment world.

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