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CEMCUS GLOBAL launches 4 different highfunctional Cellymoon VIP Gold’cosmeticsInterview with President Moon Se-lin of CEMCUS GLOBAL

Attracting a keen attention from the cosmetics industry, CEMCUS GLOBAL, a cosmetics ingredients provider in Korea, recently launched 4 different types of high-functional base cosmetics products under the brand name of ‘Cellymoon VIP Gold.’Consisting of toners, serums, creams and eye creams, ‘Cellymoon VIP Gold’ cosmetics products obtained approval as dual functional cosmetics with functions of improving wrinkles and skin whitening. The Korea Post recently interviewed President Moon Se-lin of CEMCUS GLOBAL on the new products.--Ed.

▲President Moon Se-lin of Cemcus Global making a welcome speech to the guests at a Cellymoon VIP Gold launching event at the Buenos Aires Tanggo Bar of an Argentine Restaurant in Seongneung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on June 11, 2015.

While we supplied cosmetics ingredients, we learned unique efficacies of raw materials distributed around the world. And we wanted to develop the best-in-class cosmetics based on these raw materials, creating 4 different types of high-functional cosmetic products under the brand of ‘Cellymoon VIP Gold.’ Richly containing gold that helps blood circulation and ingredient of wild rose hip oil growing in clean region of Andes Mountains in Argentine as well as other ingredients developed by CEMCUS GLOBAL, leveraging its unique knowhow, ‘Cellymoon VIP Gold’ products provide dual functions of improving wrinkles and whitening skin by offering rich unsaturated fatty acid, the core element of skin regeneration.

▲Four different types of high-functional base cosmetics products under the brand name of ‘Cellymoon VIP Gold.

Q: Would you explain your pricing strategy for these new products?
We made a decision to provide a set of 4 different ‘Cellymoon VIP Gold’ products for 1.28 million won (approx. US$1,163). This is a considerably high price, but it has to be high because they richly contain the best ingredients beneficial to the skin. Actually, we first considered to set the price at 1.6 million won, taking account of the high price of gold and highly concentrated natural oil produced in South America. It has been known in the market that native habitat of rose hip is Chile, but Andes Mountains in Argentina was recently found to be one of its major production regions. And we recently changed rose hip oil import country from Chile to Argentina as its quality as a cosmetics ingredient was excellent. In addition to import of rose hip oil, we plan to import seaweeds oil and other raw materials for cosmetics and foods from Argentina, Brazil and other Central and South American countries.

Q: Do you have any plan to export cosmetics to other countries?
At present, we plan to export ‘Cellymoon VIP Gold’ products to China, while seeking ways of exporting premium cosmetic products to South American countries in collaboration with partners in that region.

Q: We understand you are deeply interested in expanding cultural exchange with Central and South American countries, besides cosmetics business.
A: Based on my decades-long experiences in trade with Latin American countries, I designed about a decade ago a project of establishing a large scale ‘South American Cultural Center’ in Korea’ to expand cultural exchange between Korea and these countries, and to introduce their cultures to Korea. Now we have worked out a blue print of the project, and the plan is effective.

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