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기사 (전체 1,358건)
Park accepts the decision of the Constitutional Court
Just-dismisseed President Park Geun-hye presently stated that she fully accepts the decision of the Constitutional Court which dis...
Park So Yeon  |  2017-03-10 11:48
President Park Geun-hye fired by a unanimous decision of the Constitutional Court
President Park Geun-hye was officially deprived of all her rights and privileges as the President of the Republic of Korea.This wa...
Yoo Heui-Jin  |  2017-03-10 11:36
Court set for historic ruling on Park impeachment
The Constitutional Court was set to rule Friday on whether to oust or reinstate President Park Geun-hye following her impeachment ...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-10 09:44
Police beef up security around court on day of ruling on Park's fate
Police on Friday tightened security near the Constitutional Court as it prepares to deliver a ruling on whether to remove scandal-...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-03-10 08:52
Bolivia names street after Korea as symbol of friendship, cooperation
Bolivia has named one of its streets after South Korea in a show of respect and friendship for the country that helped build its n...
Park So yeon  |  2017-03-09 09:18
Park's lawyer, allies challenge prosecution's corruption claims
President Park Geun-hye's lawyers and allies reacted angrily Monday to the independent prosecution's final report on its 7...
Sung Min Kim  |  2017-03-06 18:02
S. Korea condemns Pyongyang's missile provocations, warns of consequences
South Korea's foreign ministry strongly condemned the North's latest missile provocation on Monday, calling it a clear vio...
Park Jae-yeon  |  2017-03-06 11:39
N. Korea sends another encrypted number broadcast
North Korea's state radio station resumed broadcasting mysterious numbers Sunday that could be some kind of coded message to i...
Park Byung-uk  |  2017-03-05 10:55
Rival rallies heat up as impeachment ruling nears
The weekly rallies that have become a constant feature of Seoul life are expected to gain further traction Saturday as the Constit...
Kim Su  |  2017-03-04 09:16
N. Korean detained in Kim Jong-nam's murder flies to Beijing
A North Korean man detained over the killing of Kim Jong-un's half brother got on an airplane heading to Beijing on Friday, af...
Kim Hyung-dae  |  2017-03-04 09:04
Opposition presidential hopefuls clash in first public debate
Four potential presidential candidates in South Korea's main opposition party trumpeted their winning strategies in their firs...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-03-04 08:51
Court expected to announce date of impeachment ruling early next week
The Constitutional Court is expected to announce the date of its ruling on President Park Geun-hye's impeachment early next we...
Jin Jae-yeon  |  2017-03-02 16:14
S. Korea, U.S. reaffirm THAAD deployment in national security advisers' phone talks
The national security advisers of South Korea and the United States held their first phone conversation Wednesday and pledged to c...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-03-01 17:36
Acting president vows to take stern actions against N.K. provocations
South Korea's Acting President and Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn said Wednesday the country will take strong actions against an...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2017-03-01 12:00
S. Korea, U.S. begin joint military exercise
South Korea and the United States on Wednesday kicked off an annual joint military exercise amid heightening tensions following th...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-03-01 10:34
Tensions rise amid possibility of clash between Park's supporters, opponents
Millions of people are expected to crowd the streets of Seoul Wednesday in a last push to oust or reinstate impeached President Pa...
Park Byung-uk  |  2017-03-01 10:28
S. Korea, U.S. defense chiefs vow to fight against any attack
The defense ministers of South Korea and the United States pledged to fight against any attack in a phone call Wednesday as the tw...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2017-03-01 10:19
DNI nominee: U.S. needs laser focus on N. Korea
U.S. President Donald Trump's pick for intelligence chief singled out North Korea on Tuesday as one of the most challenging is...
Kim Su  |  2017-03-01 09:47
Acting president reviewing independent counsel probe extension request
South Korea's Acting President and Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn said Sunday that he is carefully reviewing the independent cou...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-02-26 22:59
Special prosecutors grill Samsung's heir over bribery charges for 2nd day
Special prosecutors on Sunday questioned the de facto leader of Samsung Group for the second straight day on suspicions of bribery...
Park So-yeon  |  2017-02-26 11:19
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