Top Seoul bartenders design creative cocktails with Rabbit Hole, Malfy and Lillet at ‘Accor Bar Exchange’
Top Seoul bartenders design creative cocktails with Rabbit Hole, Malfy and Lillet at ‘Accor Bar Exchange’
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Unique craft bourbon whiskey Rabbit Hole Cave Hill, Gin from Amalfi Beach in Italy Malfy, and the sophisticated French aperitif Lillet.

Global liquor company Pernod Ricard Korea announced that it will hold an ‘Accor Bar Exchange’ promotion with global hotels affiliated with the ‘Accor’ hotel chain. 

The ‘Accor Bar Exchange’ promotion is a program in which will showcase the talents and creativity of Accor Hotel bartenders and will be held at Fairmont Hotel’s flagship rooftop bar M29, Mondrian Hotel’s Itaewon bar Privilege and Sofitel Hotel’s Latitude 32 bar starting from August 21st to early October. 

Representative bartenders from each hotel will reinterpret the craft bourbon whisky, Rabbit Hole Cavehill, Italy’s leading gin brand Malfy, and French aperitif Lillet to introduce three different creative cocktails. 

Pernod Ricard Korea plans to provide consumers with new cocktail experiences which creatively reinterprets Rabbit Hole Cavehill, Malfy and Lillet through the ‘Accor Bar Exchange’ promotion.

The craft bourbon whiskey brand ‘Rabbit Hole Cavehill’ is a unique bourbon that includes honey malted barley in addition to its basic ingredients, corn, wheat and malted barley. The original four-grain mix adds a special uniqueness to the bourbon unlike the other bourbon whiskey on the market. Rabbit Hole Cavehill has a red pumpkin color and offers rich aroma of spices with the sweetness of honey and a fresh apple scent. On top of that, the soft flavor of vanilla and custard cream leaves a smooth aftertaste while citrus undertones remain in the mouth. 

Inspired by the Italian free and stylish Dolce Vita lifestyle in Amalfi Coast, Italy’s representative gin Malfy was produced using the best ingredients from Italy including Italian juniper berries, lemon, pink grapefruit, and Sicilian oranges. Malfy’s unique citrus style is completed with the combination of fresh fruits and its special cold-distillation method. 

Lillet is an aperitif white wine based in Bordeaux, France and is widely enjoyed by the British royal family and the white house. In particular, the subtle flower and orange aroma is created by the exquisite blending of carefully selected wine and fruit extract in order to provide an elegant and delicate flavor. Lillet is best served cold and as a spritz cocktail.

Hwang Kyu-hyun bartender of Fairmont designs cocktails such as Spring Fruit, Surfer mariposa and Full of Autumn based on ‘Rabbit Hole Cavehill’ whisky. Cho Hee-jin bartender of Mondrian introduces La Dolce Vita, Under the Amalfy Sun and Caffettino with a Malfy. And Kim Yoon-shik bartender of Sofitel will show Fume Blanc, Basil Blanc and Lilletroni with an aperitif Lillet

This promotion is special in that representative bartenders from each hotel will rotate among these three hotels for three weeks to showcase their creative cocktails to more customers. During the first week, the program will be held at each respective hotels from the 21st (wed) to 25th (sun) and in the second week, Sofitel Hotel’s bartender will move to Mondrian Hotel while Mondrian Hotel’s bartender will move to Fairmont; each representative bartender showcasing his/her own creative cocktails at three different hotels. The program will be held for three weeks for complete hotel rotation and for consumers to meet a variety of cocktails. 

SeungSoo KIM and Miguel Angel PASCUAL, respectively Sales and Marketing directors of Pernod Ricard Korea stated, “We are very happy to join forces with Accor hotels in Seoul to run this promotion. It is designed to drive consumers traffic towards iconic Prestige bars as well as to showcase expertise of their bartenders in giving consumers a new experience of our bourbon craft whiskey, Rabbit Hole, Italy’s representative gin, Malfy, and French aperitif white wine, Lillet”, further adding, “We hope that consumers will enjoy a special time in these special places with our creative cocktails during the Accor Bar Exchange as it offers unique creative experiences”.

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