The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Thursday, March 29, 2018

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Here are The Korea Post notices and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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Round-up of important news stories from major Korean dailies today:

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Koreas to hold high-level talks to prepare for summit

South Korea and North Korea are set to hold high-level talks Thursday to discuss details about preparations for an inter-Korean summit slated for late April.Officials from both sides will meet at 10:00 a.m. at the Tongilgak building on the northern side of the border truce village Panmunjom to discuss the date and agenda for the summit, according to Seoul's unification ministry."We will closely consult with the North to make the summit a success," Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon, the South's chief delegate, told reporters before leaving for Panmunjom.The minister said that the South is anticipating that the date for the summit could be set during Thursday's talks.

S. Korea's first F-35 jet unveiled amid N. Korea's peace offensive

The first F-35A stealth fighter aircraft for South Korea has made its public debut at a sensitive time for diplomacy on North Korea.South Korea and the United States held a joint rollout ceremony for the jet at Lockheed Martin's assembly line in Fort Worth, Texas, on Wednesday (local time).Defense officials said the production of the fifth-generation F-35A Lightning II jet for South Korea is significant in its combat readiness."Today is a truly meaningful day as we celebrate the rollout of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Air Force's first F-35A, the world's best fighter jet, which will secure the sovereign airspace of the ROK," South Korea's Defense Song Young-moo said in a video message. "The deployment of the F-35 will serve as momentum to enhance the combined operations of the ROK-U.S. Air Forces and advance ROK Air Force's support capabilities for ground operations."

Water: Right of each of us and challenge of all

Access to drinking water and basic sanitation is a right and one of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. It is a condition for human life. However, up to two billion people on the planet do not have access to a safe source of water at home, and up to 2.3 billion people suffer from lack of sanitation. Approximately 260 million people—more than the entire population of Brazil—must walk more than thirty minutes to gather water. Guaranteeing access to water is one of the main challenges of our time.



S. Korean Delegation Departs for Inter-Korean High-level Talks

A South Korean delegation has left for the truce village of Panmunjeom for talks with North Korea to discuss preparations for an inter-Korean summit.The two Koreas are set to hold high-level talks at 10 a.m. at the Tongilgak building on the northern side of Panmunjeom.Departing for the talks Thursday, Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon, South Korea's chief delegate, told reporters that the delegation will aim to set the date for the planned inter-Korean summit.The minister said that the delegation will engage in talks with the North to ensure the summit set for late next month will be held successfully. Regarding the North's denuclearization, Cho said that the issue was the most important agenda during the high-level talks in January and subsequent inter-Korean exchanges, and it will continue to be discussed as a key issue.

S. Korean Men's Smoking Rate Drops Below 40%

The smoking rate among South Korean male adults has fallen below 40 percent. According to a national survey conducted on 228-thousand-381 adults by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(KCDC) and health centers across the country, 39-point-three percent of South Korean men were smoking last year, down by one-point-four percentage points from a year earlier. It is even lower than 39-point-four percent in 2015, when the government raised the price per pack of cigarettes by two-thousand won. The KCDC credited the drop in male smoking rate to the use of graphic antismoking warnings and the expansion of smoking-free zones.

Prosecution: Park Administration Lied about Response Time to Sewol Sinking

The prosecution says the ousted Park Geun-hye administration fabricated the timetable regarding its handling of the deadly sinking of the Sewol ferry in 2014.The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office on Wednesday announced the result of its probe into suspicions related to the former presidential office’s response to the maritime disaster.Investigators said that Park’s former officials claimed that the ex-president received her first report 20 minutes earlier than she actually did. The prosecution said that Park’s first instructions for all-out rescue efforts were issued at 10:22 a.m. on April, 16th 2014. The presidential office had said that the orders were already out by 10:15.


Yonhap (

Senior officials declare 1.35 bln won of personal assets on average

A total of 1,711 senior government and public officials declared an average 1.35 billion won (US$1.26 million) of personal assets, up about 83 million won from a year earlier, the government gazette showed Thursday.Under an anti-corruption law, senior officials at government agencies and national universities as well as other high-level public office holders are required to report the status of their assets to the Government Ethics Committee once a year.According to this year's declaration carried by the official gazette, 74.8 percent, or 1,279, of the senior officials saw the value of their assets rise over the past year while the assets of 25.2 percent, or 432 people, decreased.

High-level talks likely to set date for inter-Koran summit: Cheong Wa Dae

South Korea and North Korea may set the date for a scheduled meeting for their leaders Thursday when their high-level officials meet to also discuss topics for the rare summit, an official from South Korea's presidential office Cheong Wa Dae said.The remarks came hours before high-level officials from the divided Koreas were set to meet over the proposed inter-Korean summit."They will mainly discuss three issues today. First, when the South-North summit will be held will likely emerge," the official told reporters, stressing the possibility seemed "highly likely.""The second is the agenda. How they will begin to discuss issues. And another issue is working-level talks," the official added.

U.S. 'cautiously optimistic' after Xi-Kim summit

The White House expressed cautious optimism Wednesday after a meeting between the North Korean and Chinese leaders, saying "things are moving in the right direction."North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Beijing this week ahead of Kim's planned summits with South Korean and U.S. leaders this spring.U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted earlier in the day he "received message" from Xi Tuesday night that the meeting "went very well" and that Kim "looks forward to his meeting with me."


The Korea Herald (

Kim urges 'goodwill' on denuclearization

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has called for Seoul and its allies to take measures corresponding to steps taken by Pyongyang. In his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday, Kim reiterated that denuclearization of the peninsula is the “will of the ancestors,” but called on Seoul and Washington to take progressive steps. The surprise meeting between Kim and Xi was held in Beijing, marking Kim’s first trip outside North Korea since taking power in 2011. His visit was confirmed by Chinese and North Korean media on Wednesday. Kim was accompanied by his wife Ri Sol-ju, and top-ranking officials including Choe Ryong-hae and Kim Yong-chol.

Is game addiction a mental disorder? Korea’s industry experts rebut WHO’s labeling

As the World Health Organization prepares to make a final decision on whether to include gaming addiction in its official mental health disorder guidebook, medical experts and industry insiders worldwide remain divided on the scientific evidence and merits of the move.As debate ensues, medical professionals and industry experts in South Korea -- home to a thriving game industry and some of the world’s most enthusiastic gamers -- have cast concerns and doubts over the WHO’s push to medically label game addiction as a mental disorder.

Park Geun-hye aides indicted for doctoring time log of Sewol sinking report

The prosecution on Wednesday indicted aides of former President Park Geun-hye on charges of perjury and falsifying documents in changes made to the time log of developments on the day of Sewol sinking in 2014. The former presidential aides indicted in connection with the case are former chief of staff Kim Ki-choon, and Kim Jang-soo and Kim Kwan-jin, who headed the National Security Office under Park. The suspects are accused of document falsification and damaging public documents. Former presidential secretary Yoon Jeon-choo was also indicted for perjury.


The Korea Times (

Kim Jong-un offers conditional denuclearization

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un offered to give up his nuclear weapons during a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing if Seoul and Washington take "phased" steps for peace and stability, according to Chinese media reports. "We voluntarily offered dialogue to the South and the United States, and have since taken appropriate steps to ease tension on the peninsula," Kim was quoted as saying during the summit by China Central Television (CCTV) and Xinhua News Agency, Wednesday. Kim returned to Pyongyang the same day after a four-day visit to Beijing"Once the U.S. and South Korea take phased and simultaneous measures in response to our peace efforts, the issue of denuclearization of the peninsula can be resolved," the young dictator said.

Former President Park's aides fabricated Sewol records

The prosecution said Wednesday that ex-President Park Geun-hye's administration fabricated the times she was first informed about the Sewol ferry sinking and orders she gave to take action. According to prosecutors, Park received the first report on the incident at 10:20 a.m. on April 16, 2014, which was 20 minutes later than stated on the then-administration log. Park also ordered former head of the National Security Office (NSO) Kim Jang-soo to begin rescue operations at 10:22 a.m., not at 10:15 a.m, the prosecutors found.The seven minutes difference wasted time that rescuers could have used to save more of the 476 passengers onboard. The disaster cost 304 lives, mostly high school students on a trip to Jeju Island on the 6,800-ton ferry.

British Airways hit again for lost luggage

Han Song-e promised herself that she will never travel with British Airways again, after the airline lost her baggage on her flight from London to Barcelona, but didn't make any effort to find it. Han found her belongings by herself through social media.The carrier also refused to fully compensate her for the cost of daily necessities she had to purchase in Spain. Han was on a business trip and when she arrived in Barcelona on the evening of February 25, she received a text from British Airways that her luggage was not loaded on the same plane she traveled on. After submitting a loss report to the local bureau, she was told they would bring her baggage to her hotel room by 10 p.m. However, when a suitcase arrived at 2 a.m., Han realized it was not hers.


Chosun Ilbo (

Kim Jong-un Wants 'Phased' Approach to Denuclearization

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday, "The issue of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula can be solved if South Korea and the U.S. respond to our efforts with goodwill, create an atmosphere of peace and stability."The Chinese Foreign Ministry quoted Kim as saying this requires "phased and simultaneous steps for peace."This is the first time Kim has mentioned denuclearization. Kim's chief aim seems to ease crippling international sanctions.

More College Students Drink Heavily

College students drink less overall but more heavily when they do, a survey suggests.Some 41.4 percent of male college students drink more than 10 shots of liquor at a sitting, nearly double the proportion of male adults overall, which is 21.2 percent, according to the survey of 5,024 college students across the country by Park Eun-cheol at Yonsei University.The proportion is up 1.3 times from 35.4 percent in 2009.Among female college students, 32.8 percent were heavy drinkers, more than double the 15.5 percent in 2009 and more than five times the 6.2 percent among all women.

Moon Returns Home After Visit to UAE

President Moon Jae-in returned home on Wednesday morning, wrapping up a four-day visit to the UAE."The UAE promised to cooperate on a project in the field of petroleum and gas worth US$25 billion," a presidential spokesman said on Tuesday.Both sides also agreed to strengthen military cooperation.Korea agreed to continue to station a military unit in the country. Moon visited the unit during his trip to encourage Korean troops stationed there.


HanKyoReh Shinmun (

Restoring relations with China could give North Korea additional leverage in talks with US

A surprise summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly took place on Mar. 27. This was a dramatic development at a sensitive time before the inter-Korean summit next month and the North Korea-US summit in May. This is taken to mean a restoration of North Korea and China’s traditionally friendly relations, which had been strained since Kim Jong-un came to power in late 2011. It also appears to signal that the mood for dialogue on the Korean Peninsula that gained momentum during the Pyeongchang Olympics is expanding into wide-ranging dialogue between the various related players, including South Korea, North Korea, the US and China. The big question is how what the renewed atmosphere for dialogue, reconciliation and coexistence portends for the future of the Korean Peninsula.

Strained relationship with US leads Beijing to improve ties with North Korea

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s surprise meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is being read as signaling his commitment to playing a leading role and preventing China from being bypassed on Korean Peninsula issues. It also appears to tie in with China’s uneasy relations with the US amid the recent “trade war” and the US’s passage of the Taiwan Travel Act. It’s a situation that requires efforts from Beijing to improve its ties with North Korea.As Pyongyang and Beijing’s ties reached an all-time low with North Korea’s nuclear and missile development programs and China’s participation in sanctions, fears mounted in China that the country was losing its influence on Korean Peninsula matters. Some had begun to argue that Beijing was being “bypassed,” noting that it did not figure into recent announcements of planned inter-Korean and North Korea-US summits.

GM presses Korean government on foreign investment zones, due diligence investigation

During a meeting with government officials on Mar. 27, GM International President Barry Engle asked once again for the government’s cooperation and support with GM Korea’s application for the designation of foreign investment zones and also with the Korea Development Bank’s (KDB) due diligence investigation of GM Korea. During a meeting with leaders of the GM Korea labor union the previous day, Engle mentioned the possibility of the company going bankrupt because of its financial difficulties and pressured them to quickly reach a tentative agreement in their collective bargaining.


JoongAng Ilbo (

Kim Jong-un makes diplomatic debut in Beijing

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made an unannounced visit to China from Monday to Tuesday on the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, North Korea and China’s state news media confirmed Wednesday, an international diplomatic debut for a young leader who’s only weeks away from holding summits with Seoul and Washington.It was Kim’s first known trip outside North Korea since he took power in December 2011 following his father’s death, and his first meeting with another government leader. Rumors spread quickly Tuesday that either he or another high-level official from Pyongyang was in Beijing for talks with Xi, though neither the North Korean, Chinese or South Korean government gave any confirmation.

Seven-hour mystery about Park, Sewol solved

On the day of the sinking of the Sewol ferry in 2014, then-President Park Geun-hye spent crucial early hours when people could have been saved in her bedroom. As the hours passed, Park met with confidante Choi Soon-sil and got her hair done before starting to deal with the unfolding tragedy, according to a prosecution announcement on Wednesday. The prosecution concluded that the entire timeline offered by the Park administration about her activities the day of the accident, which killed 304 people, was a fabrication aimed at covering up her slow responses. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office announced the outcome of its investigation into the Park government’s handling of the ferry disaster. Park’s absence in the critical early hours of a lackluster rescue operation generated enough controversy to be branded the “seven-hour mystery.”

BOK projects GNI will pass $30,000 this year

Korea’s central bank projected Wednesday that gross national income per capita would surpass $30,000 at some point this year, helped by robust growth in 2017.The $30,000 mark has long been regarded by Korean officials as the threshold to enter the ranks of truly developed economies. The fanfare around the figure, though, disguises the actual welfare of many individuals who feel left out of the country’s rapid economic development.The Bank of Korea said GNI per capita stood at $29,745 in 2017 based on its preliminary estimate, up 7.5 percent from 2016, the highest increase in six years. A central bank official said reaching the $30,000 mark this year was a “sure thing” if Korea keeps its current pace of economic growth and inflation


The KyungHyang Shinmun (

NK Train Returns from China: Kim Jong-un Speculated to Be on the Train

A North Korean delegation, which seems to include the nation’s highest ranking officials, concluded a two-day visit to Beijing, China amidst heavy security and protocol fit for state leaders on March 27. North Korean and Chinese authorities have not released any related details, but a series of reports by the foreign press quoting anonymous sources claimed that Kim Jong-un, chairman of North Korea's State Affairs Commission visited China, putting more weight on the possibility of a state visit to China by Chairman Kim.The train carrying the North Korean delegation departed from Beijing Station at around 3 p.m. (local time) this day, according to the Associated Press (AP). The train left 25 hours after it arrived at Beijing Station at 2 p.m. on March 26. The destination of the train that departed from Beijing was not confirmed, but it is likely for the train to head straight home or to go to Pyongyang after stopping at a third location.

Prosecutors to Question MB in Prison for the First Time, "We Won't Ask the Same Questions"

On March 25, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office announced that prosecutors would question former President Lee in the interrogation room at the Seoul Eastern Detention Center in Munjeong-dong, Seoul at 2 p.m. on March 26. Shin Bong-su, chief prosecutor of the High-Tech Criminal Investigation Department 1, and another prosecutor with some investigators will question the former president.Chief Prosecutor Shin has been investigating the former president's criminal allegations concerning DAS, including the embezzlement of 34.8 billion won of corporate funds.He questioned the former president at the Prosecutors' Office on March 14 along with Song Gyeong-ho, chief prosecutor of Special Crimes Department 2, who investigated the former president's bribery charges in connection to the National Intelligence Service and the private sector.

President Proposes Constitutional Amendments, But Will the National Assembly Neglect Its Responsibility?

Cheong Wa Dae announced that President Moon Jae-in would propose the constitutional amendments on March 26 as scheduled. When the amendment is approved in the cabinet meeting this morning, President Moon will send the amendment to the National Assembly through the electronic approval system from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and approve the announcement of the president's proposal to complete the procedures involved in proposing the constitutional amendment. This will be the first proposal of a constitutional amendment in thirty years, since the Constitution was last amended in 1987. But the National Assembly, which should be at the center of discussions on constitutional amendments, continues to engage in a tense battle of nerves up until the eve of the proposal. The ruling Democratic Party of Korea claimed that the door opened for constitutional amendments with the president's proposal, but the major opposition, the Liberty Korea Party made an opposing argument, calling for the opposition parties to come together in joint action. We find it devastating to witness how irresponsible the National Assembly and the ruling and opposition parties can be.


AJU Business Daily (

N. Korea confirms summit between Kim and Xi

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un held a summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping during his unofficial trip to Beijing this week, the North's state media said Wednesday. The meeting in Beijing came ahead of Kim's planned talks with South Korean and U.S. leaders.At Xi's invitation, Kim visited China from Sunday to Wednesday, accompanied by his wife Ri Sol-ju and key officials, the North's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said, adding the trip was aimed at enhancing the traditional friendship between the two countries.A simultaneous announcement was made in Seoul and Beijing, which said that Kim, traveling aboard his special train, arrived in Beijing on Monday and returned home early Wednesday.Kim and Xi discussed important issues including the political situation on the Korean peninsula, according to the North's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Seoul, Washington announce agreement on revised FTA

Seoul and Washington announced their agreement on a revised free trade accord that reflected President Donald Trump's drive to pry open the South Korean market wider to American cars and products.The revised agreement addresses issues related to investment, tariffs, trade in automobiles and trade remedies, the two countries said in a joint statement, adding progress was also made in pharmaceuticals, customs and textiles. "The nations have agreed on terms for a country exemption for South Korea from the tariff imposed on steel imports," it said.Trade officials in Seoul said that South Korea steel products shipped under an annual import quota would not be slapped with a 25 percent tariff. South Korea would allow imports of 50,000 cars annually for each American company and ease emission standards for five years from 2021. The United States would maintain a 25 percent tariff on South Korean pickup trucks by 2041.

Man arrested for killing newly-married wife with nicotine for death benefit

A 22-year-old man was arrested Wednesday for killing her wife with a lethal dose of nicotine during their honeymoon in Japan to get her death benefit, police said.Police in the southern city of Sejong said the man was accused of killing his 19-year-old wife during their honeymoon in Osaka on April 25 last year in an attempt to claim her insurance money worth 150 million won (140,187 US dollars). He allegedly used a crude liquid of nicotine for his murder and reported to Japanese police that his wife committed suicide. The body was cremated in Japan on consent from her family.The man argued he helped his wife to commit suicide, but police arrested him, based on his diary that contained a homicide plan and also on the outcome of an autopsy from Japanese investigators. If convicted, it would be the country's second murder case using nicotine, a highly unusual weapon that's difficult to detect in a dead body.


Maeil Business News Korea (

Hyundai Elevator breaks ground for new Shanghai plant

South Korea’s Hyundai Elevator Co. has broken ground for a new plant in Shanghai that is expected to help the company expand its presence in China, with a significant ramp-up in its annual production capacity in the world’s largest elevator market. The Korean company said on Wednesday it embarked on the construction of a new elevator plant on a 123,564 square-meter site in Jinshan Industrial Park, Shanghai. The new plant, which would cost the company 120 billion won ($112.5 million) to build, is expected to produce 25,000 units of elevator per year, bumping up the firm’s local capacity by more than threefold from 7,000. Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. would be in charge of the construction, which is set to be completed in late 2019.

Hyundai Wia is turning Changwon facility into smart factory

Hyundai Wia Corp., an auto parts making unit of South Korea’s conglomerate Hyundai Motor Group, is actively incorporating Industry 4.0 technologies to its machine tool production facility in Korea to improve manufacturing efficiency to remain competitive in the global market. According to Hyundai Wia on Wednesday, it has added an Internet of Things (IoT) technology-controlled self-developed system to its machine tool production facility in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province as part of its long-term plan to turn the factory into a smart factory fully operated and maintained by the fourth industrial revolution technologies such as IoT, machine leaning, artificial intelligent (AI) and robotic technologies.

Stocks with interest in N.K gain boost after Kim Jong-un’s Beijing visit

Stocks with business interests in North Korea gained a boost on Wednesday in Seoul bourses after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was confirmed to have met Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing, raising hopes that the head of reclusive state could be serious about denuclearization commitment ahead of the back-to-back summit talks with South Korean and U.S. leaders.On secondary Kosdaq, shares of transformer manufacturer Cheryong Electric Co. jumped 27.07 percent or 3,100 won to close at 14,550 won on Wednesday, while electric panel maker Kwangmyung Electric Co. rose 11.53 percent to 3,870 won. Shares of electric power supplier Ehwa Technologies Information Co. also jumped 9.05 percent to 470 won.


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