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RDA makes strong push for R&D projects for income, innovation-led growth
The following are excerpts from an interview with Administrator Ra Seung-yong of the Rural Development Administration of Korea, recently conducted by The Korea Post media for publi...
Kim Su-a  |  2018-02-01 12:08
Air Force team hones pilot rescue skills
A South Korean Air Force unit conducted a cold weather training Thursday on rescuing downed pilots.The Special Airforce Rescue Tea...
Kim Su-a  |  2018-02-01 09:10
Legislative battles brew as extra parliamentary session begins
A monthlong extraordinary parliamentary session is set to begin Tuesday with rival parties likely to wrangle over a series of pend...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2018-01-30 11:49
President to meet top gov't officials over policy objectives
President Moon Jae-in was set to hold a special meeting with top government officials Tuesday to share his policy objectives and d...
Hwi Won  |  2018-01-30 09:18
S. Korea eyes opportunities in China's growing service market
South Korea's trade ministry said Monday it will hold talks with China to expand the scope of the two countries' free trad...
Hwi Won  |  2018-01-29 17:25
Moon orders inspections of all public facilities for fire safety
President Moon Jae-in on Monday ordered thorough inspections of all public and private facilities frequented by the people, also c...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2018-01-29 16:36
Prosecutors demand 8-year jail term for ex-Park aide in influence-peddling scandal
Prosecutors demanded an eight-year prison term Monday for a former presidential aide involved in a corruption scandal that led to ...
Hwi Won  |  2018-01-29 16:09
Defense Minister says N. Korea's use of nuke would be 'suicidal'
South Korea's top defense official voiced doubt Monday that North Korea will use its nuclear weapons, saying that such an act ...
Hwi Won  |  2018-01-29 13:24
S. Korea considers temporary visa waivers for Chinese, Southeast Asian visitors to Olympics
The government will consider limited or temporary visa waiver programs for Chinese nationals and Southeast Asian group tourists du...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2018-01-29 11:17
Overall agricultural imports from China shrink after FTA deal
South Korea imported fewer agricultural products overall from China last year, but shipments in fruits, vegetables and meats incre...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2018-01-29 09:18
Faulty wiring in hospital ceiling may be cause of Miryang blaze: police
Faulty wiring in the ceiling could be the cause of fire that killed more than 30 people and injured over a hundred in a hospital i...
Won Hwi  |  2018-01-28 10:04
Former German leader Schroeder visits inter-Korean border with Korean fiance
Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Friday expressed his support for fresh inter-Korean rapprochement during his first v...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2018-01-28 09:57
Hospital fire kills at least 37, injures over 130
A fire gutted the ground floor of a hospital in southeastern South Korea and sent toxic fumes raging through the six-story buildin...
Lee Sam-sun  |  2018-01-27 12:11
PM orders thorough investigation into cause of hospital fire
Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon ordered a thorough investigation Friday into what caused the massive death toll in a hospital fire in t...
Kim Su-a  |  2018-01-26 16:29
S. Korea, U.S to conduct joint military exercises 'normally' after Olympics: Seoul
South Korea and the United States plan to resume their delayed joint military exercises after the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2018-01-26 16:27
Parties call for all-out efforts to handle aftermath of hospital fire
Political parties called Friday for the government to make every effort to handle the aftermath of a hospital fire in the city of ...
Kim Su-a  |  2018-01-26 14:08
Kissinger rejects 'freeze-for-freeze' with N. Korea
Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said Thursday he does not believe North Korea will abandon its nuclear weapons in e...
Won Hwi  |  2018-01-26 09:30
S. Korean team returns after checking venues for joint events in N.K.
An advance team of South Korean officials returned home from North Korea on Thursday after inspecting venues for joint events on t...
Kim Su-a  |  2018-01-26 09:24
Japan requests talks on leader's possible visit to S. Korea: official
The Japanese government has officially requested talks with South Korea about the possibility of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attendi...
Kim Jung-mi  |  2018-01-24 10:22
Gov't to require cryptocurrency exchanges to share user data with banks
The government plans to require cryptocurrency exchanges to share users' transaction data with banks, in a potential move to i...
Kim Sua  |  2018-01-22 09:35
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