President Moon finally decides to let Cho Kuk go
President Moon finally decides to let Cho Kuk go
  • Lee Kyung-sik
  • 승인 2019.10.16 16:04
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Under mounting pressure from lawmakers of the ruling camp

Minister of Justice Cho Kuk ultimately suffered ‘Nangma’ on October 14 meaning ‘sacking’ to the satisfaction of many people in Korea, especially the conservatives. Cho in the minds of the majority of people in Korea was the primary cause of an unprecedented split among the Korean people between the conservatives and progressives who are now in power.

So who are behind the seemingly sudden decision which many people in Korea suspected would not easily come under the government of President Moon Jae-in who obvious tried to go all the way to keep Cho in the post.

Cho Kuk, Former Minister of Justice of South Korea

Reports indicate that the ruling camp had insisted to keep Cho in the but the continuously growing public opinion against him obviously moved the minds of the leaders of the Democratic Party, particularly the National Assembly members, who were worried over the continuous dipping popularity rating of President Moon and the ruling party against the backdrop of the controversial appointment of Cho.

However, some leaders of the Democratic Party disclosed that aides of President Moon had for some time been wracking brains how and when to let Cho go against the fast-growing discontent over Cho’s behavior and attitude that seemed to regard the people, the voters, as a “bunch of fools.”

Reports indicate that leaders of the Democratic Party kept meeting with Chief Political Advisor Kang Ki-jung for the President and asked him for an early decision to deal with the Minister Cho case.

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