‘I am grateful to the people for their trust in the government and support’
‘I am grateful to the people for their trust in the government and support’
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President Park comments on the outcome of Inter-Korean agreement

President Park Geun-hye commented this morning (Aug. 25) on the result of the high-level inter-Korean contacts and said, “The agreement reached with North Korea is the result of our consistent adherence to the principle of the government that we resolutely deal with North Korean provocations on one hand and that, on the other, we keep our door wide open to dialogue and make our utmost effort for an amicable settlement.” This was disclosed by Presidential Spokesman Min Kyung-wook this morning.

The President said, “The North Korean side demanded that we discontinue our psychological warfare loudspeaker broadcasting, but the government adhered to our principle in an unswerving manner in our negotiation with the North Korean side.”
President Park commented that the good result of the inter-Korean contacts was substantially due to the firm trust the people reposed in the government and their undaunted attitude (in the face of repeated provocative acts by North Korea), their unity and mature manner. President Park expressed her gratitude to the people for such support and trust.
Then the President said, “What is important from this time forward is how we can successfully take follow-up steps to implement what was agreed upon between the South and North and thus how well we can reduce the tensions between the two sides and make it an opportunity to keep peace on the Korean peninsula and achieve development of the country. The first priority work is to reduce the pain and sorrows on the part of the separated families between the south and north, promote exchange between the two sides and give impetus to activing exchange and cooperation at the private level for the purpose of attaining a mutual win-win result.”
“This time,” said the President, “the North Korean side expressed regret over what they had done and promised that they would never do it again and I hope that this would contribute to trust-building between the two sides and help resolve problems that might occurbetween the two sides in the future.”

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