Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn visits Korea United Pharm, commends work-learning dual system
Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn visits Korea United Pharm, commends work-learning dual system
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Korea United Pharm selected for best work-learning system

Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn visited on November 13 the First Plant of Korea United Pharm, Inc. (President: Kang Duk-young) located in Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City. Prime Minister Hwang was accompanied by Second Deputy Director General Jo Gyeong-gyu of the Office for Government Policy Coordination, Vice Minister Koh Young-sun of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and Chairman Pak Yeong-beom of Human Resources Development Service of Korea. Korea United Pharm is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies based in Korea.

Prime Minister Hwang visited the pharmaceutical company as it was selected as one of excellent companies among those that employed a large number of learning-oriented workers who are studying on-the-job training courses while working. Korea United Pharm is one of 4,754 companies that take part in the work-learning dual system. The prime minister reviewed training programs of the plant and listened to opinions of learning-oriented employees and instructors.

The discussion session held on November 13 at the conference room of the First Plant of Korea United Pharm was started with Prime Minister Hwang’s remarks and they were followed by a briefing on the company, report on progresses of the work-learning dual system and discussions with instructors and trainees. After the discussion session, attendees moved to the quality control test room to observe on-the-job training of workers.
Having developed and received certification for its work-learning dual system under the theme of using the National Competency Standards (NCS) in medicine manufacturing sector, the company started in March this year to operate 60 on-the-job training and 200-hour off-the-job training programs. Under the work-learning dual system, 9 instructors are teaching 22 trainees. And training courses include drug production and quality management, validation, production support, review of good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards, and quality assurance.

In line with the purpose of the work-learning dual system, training programs aim to accelerate enhancement of workmanship and nurture basic knowledge and capability of carrying out a variety of businesses. And systematic education programs are provided to foster trainees as essential employees by encouraging their desire for work and presenting vision of the company. The company recognizes training period of these trainees as their work-experience period.

In his remarks, Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn stated, “At this time when technology development pace gets faster and on-the-job training of employees becomes more important than ever before, the work-learning dual system will make significant contribution to building capability-oriented society, not the ‘specification’-oriented society, and offering high quality jobs to young generations.”
“The government will concentrate unreserved effort on building virtuous cycle where the industry, academia and youth can achieve ecosystemic development by establishing the work-learning dual system in the industrial setting and labor market,” added the Prime Minister. “I want to urge companies and schools to actively take part in this system so as to help young generations find jobs and grow as excellent workers.”

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