EU ambassadors visit Gyeonggi Province Creative Economy Institute
EU ambassadors visit Gyeonggi Province Creative Economy Institute
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With EU Delegation Ambassador Sabathil

On Feb. 19, 2016, Ambassador Gerhard Sabathil of the European Union and the ambassadors of the EU member states visited the Geyonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (GCCEI). The objective of this visit was to present EU ambassadors to the Korea's creative economy and main roles of the Innovation Centres.

At the beginning, Team Leader Baek Se-hyeon the International Relations at the GCCEI gave an overall introduction to the Creative Economy and GCCEI. He said that the GCCEI is promoting eco-system for local job creation based on the locally specialised industries by combining them with the Central government, local government and large companies. In particular, the GCCEI is mainly supporting the start-ups and potential small and medium industries (SMEs) with KT (Korea Telecom) in Fin Tech, IoT, game, and 5G areas in Gyeonggi Province where the Pangyo Techno Valley is located.
The EU ambassadors showed their interest in the way how the Korean government and large companies create eco-system for start-ups and nurture them through GCCEI. After learning Korea's creative economy and the GCCEI, the visitors looked around several laboratories such as IoT DIY Lab, Mobile Lab and 3D Printer Lab.?exchanging opinions with them.
Ambassador Sabathil of the EU said, "I witnessed their efforts to create eco-system to foster start-ups. It was very a good opportunity to understand and to learn about Korea's Creative Economy through this visit and to compare it with a similar development in Europe."
GCCEI Leader Lim also mentioned, "For the past one year, we have more than 850 high-level visitors from 100 countries. I would like to do my best to keep informing our Creative Economy for start-ups and SMEs to the world."

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