30 former Saenuri lawmakers form a new conservative party
30 former Saenuri lawmakers form a new conservative party
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Breaking away from the pro-Park Geun-hye faction

A total of 29 former Saenuri Party members of the National Assembly declared the formation of a new party, provisionally named the ‘Reformist New Conservative Party.’ In the declaration, the former Saenuriy lawmakers declared, “The pro-Park Geun-hye hegemonist faction of the Saenuri Party has ruined the party and at this juncture we have decided to form a new conservative party strictly adhering to the provisions of the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Korea.”

President Park Geun-hye makes a deep bow with an apology to the nation for the abnormalities plaguing the country following the havoc allegedly played by Mrs. Choi Soon-shil. A series of unfortunate occurrences involving her and Mrs. Choi forced her to temporarily give up her position as the President of the Republic of Korea.

This came in the wake of series mass demonstrations of the people across the country demanding the resignation of President Park Geun-hye assuming responsibility for the misapropriation of government power and authority for personal gains allegedly perpetrated by Mrs. Choi Soon-shil, the controversial ‘friend’ of President Park.

Reps. Kim Moo-sung and Yoo Seung-min form ‘Reformist New Conservative Party’ (third from left, rear row, and fourth from left, second row, respectively) breaking away from the Saenuri Party that became plagued allegedly by the Choi Soon-shil graft case. Six more former Saenuri members are expected to join the new party making it the third largest after Minjoo and Saenuri.

They said that they would stick to the principle that the people and the Constitutional Law were above the President and the lawmakers.
They also cited the despair on the part of the people over the recent development in the Korean society where they were totally disappointed over the Choi Sun-shil Case where President Park and Mrs. Choi Soon-shil took the Consittional Law into their own hands.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who is the front-runner among all Presidential candidates for Korea.

They also recalled that the pro-Park Geun-hye faction of the Saenuri Party failed to assume responsibility for the humiliating defeat suffered at the general elections and even at the time when President Park Geun-hye was fully exposed to impeachment.

Rep. Moon Jae-in, leader of the main opposition Minjoo Party

Introducing the political line of the new party, Rep. Yoo Seung-min declared, “We are traditionally conservatives as far as the national security is concerned at at the time also a reformist conservatives when it comes to economy.”

Mrs. Choi Soon-shil, divorced wife of the former private Presidential aide, Chung Yoon-hoe.

Originally, a total of 35 members of the Saenuri Party had expressed their intention to leave the party, but the actually number was 29 with the six others taking a wait-and-see attitude stating that they would join the new party on a later date.

Mayor Lee Jae-myung of the Seongnam City. His popularity rating as the Presidential candidate is soaringhigh and at one time placed second after Moon.

The 27th of December this year marked a significant historical turning point in the political arena in Korea.
The day brought the status of the Saenuri Party of President Park Geun-hye from the ruling party status to a Number 2 party with its total number of seats at the National Assembly reduced down to mere 99 which is 28 seats smaller than the main opposition Minjoo Party. The new strength of the different political parties is as follows:

Ms. Chung Yu-ra, daughter born between Mrs. Choi Soon-shil and Chung Yoon-hoe.

Main opposition Mjinjoo Party: 121
Saenurity Party (loyal to President Park Geun-hye): 99
People’s Party of Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo: 38
Break-away group from Saenurity Party led by Reps. Kim Moo-sung and Yoo Seung-min: 30
Justice Party lead by Rep. Mrs. Shin Sam-jeong: 6
Non-alighned independent lawmakes: 6

Former Chairman Kim Moo-sung of the then ruling Saenuri Party. Now a leader of the splinger Reformist New Conservative Party.

Originally, as was briefly mentioned earlier, a total of 38 lawmakers of the Saenuri Party had declared that they would bolt from the party, including the influential lady lawmaker, Madam Nah Kyung-won, but the actual number of them dwindled down to 29 as Rep. Nah and eight others decided to remain in the Saenuri Party pending a ‘right’time that might come.

Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo of the People’s Party. During the last Presidential elections in Korea, Ahn was even more popular than the then Saenuri Party Presidential Candidate Park Geun-hye. However, Ahn compromised the opposition Presidential candidacy to Moon Jae-in during the last Presidential election. However, Moon lost it to Park.

A poll conducted on the popularity rating of the Presidential hopefuls on the same day against this backdrop showed not much change on the supporting rate of the different candidates.
A typical one conducted and published by Real Meter on Dec. 27 showed:

Governor Ahn Hee-jung of the Chungcheongnam-do Province is also considered one of ‘Dormant Dragons’ who could rock the election stage.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations: 23.3%
Main opposition Minjoo Party leader Moon Jae-in: 23.1%
Mayor Lee Jae-myung of the Seongnam City (east of Seoul): 12.3%
Former Chairman Ahn Cheol-soo of the second opposition People’s Party: 8.2%
Governor Ahn Hee-jeong of the Chungcheongnam-do Province: 4.9%
Mayor Park Won-soon of the Seoul City: 3.9%
Former Mayor Oh Se-hoon of the Seoul City: 3.8%
Moderarte conservative political leader Sohn Hak-kyu: 3.5%
Former National Assemblyman Yoo Seung-min: 2.5%
Gyeonggi Province Governor Nam Kyung-pil: 1.9%

Mayor Park Won-soon of the Seoul City is also one of the ‘dormant dragons’ who could wake up at any time to bid in the Presidential race.

UN Secretary General Ban gained 2.8% following the de-facto declaration by him to join the upcoming Presidential election race in Korea--overtaking Moon who had been the front-runner. Political observers reasoned that Ban’s gain reflects the people’s turning their attention to Ban following the breakup of the reform-minded lawmakers of the Saenuri Party after the unprecedentedly notorious scandal involving Mrs. Choi Soon-shil, known as the ‘queen-maker’ of President Park. Following this situation, Ban overtook Moon by 0.2%.

Mass demonstrations took place consecutively for nine times at weekly intervals.

Rep. Yoo Seung-min, one of the two leaders of the splinter conservative party who has recently broken away from the Saenuri Party.

Governor Nam Kyung-pil of the Gyeonggi Province.
Placard held by demonstrators read, “We can no longer live a life like this. Park Geun-he step down!”
Former President Sohn Hak-kyu of the Minjoo Party, yet another ‘Dormant Dragon.’

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