POSCO International wins an order to supply auto parts to Vietnam's Vinfast
POSCO International wins an order to supply auto parts to Vietnam's Vinfast
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POSCO International said on Oct. 13 that it has won an order for auto parts for electric vehicles from Vietnam's Vinfast along with Erae AMS, Korea's leading auto parts maker.

The Halfshaft supplied to the Vinfast is a part that acts as a driving shaft in a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). The driveshaft transmits the drive power of the engine to both tires via the transmission.

The company plans to start supplying its products next year after detailed adjustments and tests, and the supply volume will be for about 100,000 electric vehicles produced by Vinfast.

It is also the first time for POSCO International to supply auto parts to Vinfast. Vinfast is Vietnam's first automaker, which was invested by the Vietnam's largest private company, Vin Group.

In particular, this order is to supply parts to Vinfast's first electric car, and by winning orders for electric vehicle parts, which are future strategic models, it has laid the foundation for expanding businesses such as localization and investment in the future.

Erae AMS is a component manufacturer that specializes in producing parts such as driving, braking and steering parts. It started working with POSCO International in 2011, and currently supplies most of the driving parts exported to the North American Fiat-Chrysler through POSCO International.

It is expanding the cooperative relationship by winning orders for electric vehicle parts to start-ups in the U.S. in addition to Vietnam.

"We are actively targeting the growing electric vehicle market by establishing an eco-friendly car group recently," a POSCO International official said. "We will continue to cooperate with small and medium-sized domestic companies to increase the supply of parts for eco-friendly cars."

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