Hanssem is a full-service interior firm providing furniture, appliances
Hanssem is a full-service interior firm providing furniture, appliances
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Hanssem, a leading home-interior market leader:

“Where do you want to go and stay?” ask the management of the company. The company, headed by Chairman Kang Seung-soo with Honorary Chairman Cho Chang-geol, leads the transformation of Korea’s residential environment since the 1970s. Hanssem is a full-service interior company which provides furniture, appliances, household accessories, fabric products, etc. for every corner of the house including kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom.
Established in September 1970, Hanssem, according to the company’s public relations materials, employees a total of 2,479 persons and its revenue totals 2,067,469 million won with its caital amounting to 23,534 million won as of May 2020.

Kang Seung-soo, CEO of Hanssem
Kang Seung-soo, CEO of Hanssem

A pioneer and a leader in the the Korean home interior market, 
Hanssem started out as a firm specialized in kitchen furniture, and introduced a contemporary concept of kitchen in Korea when such a notion was unknown to many, fortifying the pioneering role in the
domestic market. The company was the first to introduce new concepts of “system kitchen” and “intelligent kitchen” to the kitchen furniture industry where the notion of kitchen furniture was limited to kitchen sinks.
The company opened up a new chapter of a fine kitchen culture by turning the once-inefficient kitchen area into an artistic space and offering a vision of a kitchen as the second living room that invites not just homemakers but the entire family members.

Contemporary space for relaxation and refreshment:
For modern residents who live in a fiercely competitive world, home is the ultimate place for relaxation and refreshment. It also is a place where family members gather together and share conversation. “Genuine sense of relaxation and happiness can arrive only when your home offers you a space where you want to be and where you want to stay,” say the management of Hanssem.
Business model that sets Hanssem apart:
Hanssem, with a strong conviction to contribute to the advancement of the humanity by improving the residential environment”, has been building on the interior design expertise it gained from kitchen furniture business experience to further expand the business scope to encompass various residential spaces with a differentiated business model: from bedroom, living room, study, to kids’ room, bathroom and more.

Hanssem headquarters building
Hanssem headquarters building

Gearing up to expand presence in overseas market:
Hanssem is gearing up to expand the presence in foreign markets and set up local subsidiaries in China, Japan and the United States.
Most recently, Hanssem has been investing resources in developing eco-friendly new materials, kids’ rooms for double-income one-child households, construction material businesses and etc., to bring in a new concept of residential environment for families of the information society in the 21st century.
World’s Best Company in Residential Environment Field:
Hanssem says the company is leading the market as a top company not only in the kitchen furniture industry but in the entire furniture interior field. “Our finest expertise in kitchen furniture is highly recognized and known to have a global competitiveness,” says the company management. 

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