President Moon pledges to usher in Korea's era of being a pacesetter
President Moon pledges to usher in Korea's era of being a pacesetter
  • Kevin Lee
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President Moon Jae-in delivered his 2022 New Year's address

President Moon Jae-in on Jan. 3 said " We will make this new year, 2022, the first year when we completely overcome the crisis and return to normal," adding, "We will vigorously open up the era where we emerge as a pacesetter at the forefront of the world."

According to Cheong Wa Dae, the chief executive delivered his 2022 New Year's address for 20 minutes in front of the stairs of Cheong Wa Dae's main hall, saying, "We will achieve the complete recovery of people's lives."

"Thanks to the people's cooperation, enhanced anti-epidemic measures have begun to take effect. The number of confirmed cases continues to decrease, and the number of severely or critically ill patients is expected to begin to decline soon."

He added, "The Government will do everything possible to make it through this critical juncture. With a long-term perspective, the Government will nourish hope for a return to normal life by riding out the difficulties along with the people in a steady manner."

"We will strive to ensure that, in a growing number of areas, the path we take becomes a new way and standard at the forefront of the world."

Turning to his carbon neutrality goals, the president said, "We will take the lead in pioneering a carbon-neutral era that will determine our future destiny," adding, "While the transformation of our industrial structure and energy mix will be pursued expeditiously, strong support will be provided for fair and just transitions."

"In line with our elevated global status, we will continue our efforts to diversify our diplomacy and broaden our diplomatic horizons until the end of my term. We will elevate our stature as a cultural powerhouse and lead the world in soft power as well."

On social welfare, President Moon said, "We will do all we can to raise our quality of life to the level of advanced countries," adding " We will eliminate blind spots in welfare and make the tightly knit social safety net even stronger so that all generations can lead happy lives together."

On inter-Korean relations, he said, "We will not cease the efforts to institutionalize a peace, which is as yet incomplete, through the end of my term to make it sustainable."

"If an opportunity arises, the Government – until the end of my term – will seek the normalization of inter-Korean relations and a path to an irreversible peace. I hope that the next administration will also continue to strive for dialogue."

The president said, "Our history is filled with successful chapters where trials and setbacks were overcome," adding, "It was a history achieved by coming together and cooperating for a greater cause even when we had different ideas."
"Let us move forward into the future together while joining forces again and becoming more inclusive."

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