KHNP embarks on crusade to recover its outstanding corporate brand image
KHNP embarks on crusade to recover its outstanding corporate brand image
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President Cho Seok of KHNP

KHNP embarks on crusade to recover
its outstanding corporate brand image

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) has embarked on a crusade to fully reform the corporate management system aimed at fighting against corruptive practices from the top to the down, thus regain its public confidence and corporate brand image.

The reform drive has three main targets-restructuring of company setup, personal management and new corporate culture freed from any corruptive practices from the top to the down.

In his speech made at the inaugural ceremony on Sept. 28, Cho Seok, President of KHNP pledged to push ahead with in-house reform drive reflecting the high standard of moral principles in management while making an apology for recent chain of corruption involving 90-plus people including his predecessor which has tarnished badly the corporate image of KHNP.

Under these reform guidelines inspired by Cho, management of troubled KHNP will be normalized as soon as possible to overcome the management crisis and emotional trauma caused by recent chain of corruptive practices involving parts suppliers, engineers testing the safety of equipment, and even officials at certifying and regulating agencies, he said.

In fact, KHNP has had a particularly sweltering and irritating summer this year as a considerable portion of the nation’s nuclear power plants stopped operating not because of natural calamities but entirely due to human disaster named greed.

Cho pledged to do his utmost efforts to severe any collusive links, if any and break up closed circles in and out of the corporation which have long prospered under the cover of technological specialty.

At the same time, he said that regulatory functions in and out of the corporation will be enhanced in such a way as to do away with any wrong-doing of staff members who used to be bent on satisfying self-interests by putting the safety of the whole nation at risk as evidenced by the recent chain of corruption at KHNP.

In the view of Cho any organization devoid of a healthy check and balance is bound to become corrupt.

“That is why new management of KHNP is supposed to take the lead in practicing nuclear safety when nuclear power plant export is being pushed by the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) in Vietnam more recently. Repeat of corruptive practices will hider such efforts, he added.
He also underscored the need for change of corporate culture at KHNP through what he described as “in-house software program” for corruption prevention and integrity for all staff members no matter what their position is

“Honest leaders at the senior corporation position are a powerful force in reducing corruption,” he said stressing the need for actions of volunteers at KHNP instilling integrity into staff members from the top to the down. k

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