Chungnam State University, "Let's develop our dreams for the global stage."
Chungnam State University, "Let's develop our dreams for the global stage."
  • Lee Sam-sun
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Global Program Briefing

Chungnam State University (President Kim Yong-chan) held a global program briefing session for 2023 at the University Haeoreum Hall on 14.

About 200 officials and students from the International Exchange Center attended the briefing session. 
 It was conducted in the order of guiding the process of operating a telephone foreign language program, introducing Canadian universities and curricula, and guiding overseas employment cases.

First, an official from Brand Oxphone guided students on how to use phone English to improve their foreign language conversation skills.

Phone English can be selected according to your wish, such as general conversation, topic discussion, and English news, after a pre-level test.

Then, Sprott Shaw Language College of Canada officials who signed a business agreement with Chungnam State University explained the language training program themselves.

Director Andy explained the characteristics of curriculum and English-related programs after explaining local universities in Canada.

In particular, he helped students understand global programs by introducing multiple degrees and internships and explaining overseas employment cases.

President Kim Yong-chan said, "We will expand opportunities on the global stage through various global programs," and added, "We will strive to expand the employment area by fostering international professional and technical personnel."

Meanwhile, Chungnam State University has completed language training at Singapore Dimensions International College and Canada Centennial College since 2011 with the aim of fostering global talent.

The multi-degree system has been held at "Sprott Shaw College in Canada" since 2013, with a total of 54 students participating and 22 successful local employment.

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