"ANYCHAT creates a world where we can talk freely in our own language"
"ANYCHAT creates a world where we can talk freely in our own language"
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Says CEO Lee Seung-jin of ANYCHAT

The following article and picture material have been provided by Director Park Jung-seo of Anychat for publication by The Korea Post media, publisher of 3 English and 2 Korean-language news publications since 1985.—Ed.

ANYCHAT, a global chat platform with a real-time AI translation interface, has recently launched a new solution suitable for the international tourism business, which has been suspended due to COVID-19.

Until now, the chat service has been available after installing the same app on a smartphone and registering each other as friends.

CEO Lee Seung-jin of ANYCHAT
CEO Lee Seung-jin of ANYCHAT

However, in the case of the NFC card chatting service launched by ANYCHAT Co., Ltd. even if both people do not have the app installed, they can chat in multiple languages in real time by simply tagging the NFC card.

It can easily solve the problem of communication which is inconvenient for foreign tourists also provides optimized information and multilingual chatting service to tourists at the same time by applying various images to NFC cards or inserting tourism-related information or advertisements on the running page.

Seung-jin Lee, CEO of ANYCHAT Co., Ltd, said, "While preparing for ANYCHAT, a global real-time AI translation service, had thought about how to access the global chat app market more efficiently and then the result is the NFC card chat service without installing an app.

In addition, patents related to NFC card chat services were registered in May this year(2023), and preparations for international patent (PCT) applications have been completed. In addition, regarding the ANYCHAT app service, the Android version was launched in April, and the iOS version will be launched in June.

Moreover, ANYCHAT Co., Ltd. is preparing to launch various services with a real-time AI translation engine developed with its own technology and plans to launch the real-time online exhibition platform ANYEXPO and the global webtoon service platform ANYWEBTOON by the end of this year.

ANYEXPO is an online exhibition platform that can communicate with small and medium-sized companies that want to import and export without language barriers and is being planned and developed to help small and medium-sized companies in each country in cooperation with KOTRA and ZETRO.

ANYWEBTOON is a service that provides innovative writer tools that automatically convert the content of many webtoon writers around the world into 16 languages, as well as the contents of Korea, a global webtoon service great power. ANYWEBTOON will serve as a stepping stone to connect the actual owner of the content to readers around the world.

CEO Seung-jin Lee said, "ANYCHAT will create a global ecosystem that is responsible for communication in various fields, including business, content, Korean wave, and tourism, starting with the chat platform, and will do its best until the day when everyone becomes friends."

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