ABSOLUT GROUND MIX WITH STICKY MONSTER LAB, Accumulative visitors exceeded 10,000 in just 23 days of opening!
ABSOLUT GROUND MIX WITH STICKY MONSTER LAB, Accumulative visitors exceeded 10,000 in just 23 days of opening!
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ABSOLUT Pop-up recorded 10,000 cumulative visitors in just 23 days of opening, an unrivaled move among the flood of brand pop-up stores

'ABSOLUT GROUND MIX WITH STICKY MONSTER LAB', a brand Pop-up store of ABSOLUT, a premium vodka representing Pernod Ricard Korea Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as 'Pernod Ricard Korea'), has accumulated 10,000 visitors in 23 days since its opening. It was announced on the Sep. 15th that 10,000 people were recorded.

'ABSOLUT Ground', which has been a hot topic since its opening, has recorded more than 1,000 cumulative reviews and a rating of 4.94 points (out of 5) based on the Naver reservation page on September 14, leading to unrivaled results among other Pop-ups.

Absolut Ground pop-up scene image
Absolut Ground pop-up scene image

'ABSOLUT GROUND', held at Common Ground near Konkuk University in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, provides a special experience to adult visitors through collaboration with design studio Sticky Monster Lab, which is attracting worldwide attention with its uniqueness and freshness.

Characters inspired by ‘World of ABSOLUT COCKTAILS’, the second campaign of ABSOLUT’s ‘Born to Mix’, are featured throughout the pop-up store. These characters were reborn as characters exclusively for ABSOLUT by embodying ABSOLUT's key cocktails into Sticky Monster characters. Through the appearance of characters with various charms together, the brand philosophy of ‘diverse thoughts, experiences, people and cultures come together to create positive changes in life and a better world’ is expressed in a trendy way.

View of Absolut Ground

‘ABSOLUT GROUND’ is also becoming a hot topic for its various programs. The brand class is an experiential content where ABSOLUT brand ambassadors introduce ABSOLUT brand, and is quickly sold out right after the reservations are opened. In addition, in an outdoor space with the concept of an 'escape game', which is popular among young adult consumers, visitors perform missions according to the concept of each character in the ABSOLUT brand campaign.

At ABSOLUT Bar operated in indoor space, skilled bartenders create cocktails of all ABSOLUT flavors distributed in Korea using special recipes. There are also ‘guest bartending’ events where four ABSOLUT brand ambassadors introduce their own ABSOLUT cocktails every Saturday. Starting in September, ABSOLUT music performances that highlight the characteristics of each character will be held every Saturday, with performances by rapper MUSHVENOM on Mojito Day, rapper Kisum on Cosmo Day, and Why not Crew on Double Passionfruit Star Day. All events and activities are free of charge except ABSOLUT drinks., and some activities requires reservation via NAVER.

At the pop-up, as ABSOLUT has been loved by contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, collaborative works with domestic artists were also presented. Taking advantage of the brand's characteristic of making iconic bottles with more than 50% recycled glass, glass artist Yang Yu-wan's ABSOLUT bottle recycling works are on display, and visitors can become characters from the ABSOLUT brand campaign and draw their own works at 'Metaverse & Avatar Drawing’ zone collaborated with artist Yeom Dong-gyun.

Actual consumers’ reviews are also very positive. According to Naver reservation reviews, one visitor expressed his anticipation for the next pop-up store, saying, "It was a pop-up that was cuter than the last ABSOLUT pop-up! The cocktail class with a cheerful bartender was also fun! Please hold this event again next time." Another visitor said, "The cocktails they made were so delicious, and the characters were cute. I didn't feel awkward at all even though I came alone. I highly recommend this pop-up to people who like cocktails. I've also booked additional brand classes. It looks like fun already." He was not only satisfied with the Pop-up contents, but also expressed his intention to visit again.

Pernod Ricard Korea marketing director Miguel Pascual said, “We focused on creating a place where visitors can actively experience, participate and learn about the brand, rather than a pop-up that people can just look at”. He also said “As ABSOLUT has been loved by Korean consumers for a long time, we hope to continue to establish ourselves as a brand that leads culture and art through collaboration with various brands that lead trends, in addition to Sticky Monster LAB.

Meanwhile, ABSOLUT Pop-up store can be visited free of charge except ABSOLUT drinks by anyone over the age of 19 and legally permitted to drink and will be open until September 24th. In addition, to establish the responsible drinking culture, a special space has also been set up. Next to the ABSOLUT bar, the ‘Drink More Water Zone’ is installed to provide free water to the guests. ‘Drink More Water’ is a responsible drinking campaign launched this year to tackle binge drinking, encouraging responsible drinking for those who choose to drink, and emphasize the importance of drinking enough water when consuming alcohol.

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