‘Leaders’ View Apartment’ buildings offer easy access to important locations in Seoul
‘Leaders’ View Apartment’ buildings offer easy access to important locations in Seoul
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Part of Mapo-gu Urban Renewal Project

SK E&C, a global engineering and construction company, has distributed information literature on “The SK Leaders’ View” apartments under construction in Mapo-gu, western Seoul. The View apartments will consist of five tower blocks each with 29 stories above ground and five below.
Of the total 472 apartments on sale, 255 flats have been sold through public distribution, while the remainders were distributed exclusively to members of an association of families who previously owned the old flats at the construction site. The 255 flats will range in floor space from 84 sq. meters to 115 sq. meters.

An artist’s conception of a block of the SK Leaders View Apartment in Gongdeok-dong, Seoul.

The Ahyeon New Town in which SK Leaders’ View apartments will be built, is being developed as part of the massive Mapo-gu Urban Renewal Project, along with North Ahyeon Town. The Mapo-gu Renewal Projects calls for construction of 30,000 flats, which will enable their residents to gain easier access to Sinchon, Ewha Womans University, Seoul Station and other landmarks.
In addition, View apartments will enable their residents to reach main business districts, including Gwanghwamun, Jongno and Yeouido within 10 minutes. Two “self-reliant” high schools, Seongmun, and Seoul Girls, are located nearby. Convenient facilities like Severance Hospital will also be available nearby.
Some residents will be able to hold a view of the Han River.
Of note, View apartments will be more quake-resistant, while noises between flats are set to be minimized. Two small parks will be created inside the apartment blocks which will provide fresh air to the residents.
SK E&C will sign a strategic alliance with SK Telecom to provide View residents with a “smart air care system.” In addition, an air sensor will be installed at each apartment unit to manage air quality by analyzing fine dust, carbon dioxide and obnoxious gases.
SK E&C Mapo site manager Kim Yun-bae said that View apartment residents are having high expectations on the flats under construction as it offers superb transport infrastructure, among other things.

The Mapo (Gongdeok-dong)

An artist’s conception of the SK Leaders’ View Apatment Complex in Gongdeock-dong, Seoul.

View apartments are set to be dedicated in August 2020.
SK E&C is seeking to enhance the quality of life for humanity by connecting logistics, information, and people by constructing civil infrastructure including roads, trains, metros, ports, and hydroelectric powers.
Not satisfied with its current top tier position in Korea, SK E&C has pursued globalization to make its foray into the Asian and Middle East markets, and expand its market coverage to Europe, North America, and Australia through its superior design and construction competencies.
Also, based on the construction experience and expertise accumulated from civil infrastructure in Korea and overseas, SK E&C is successfully expanding the value chain from project planning to construction and operation. Successful large-scale projects, including a road project in Istanbul, Turkey and a hydroelectric power project in Laos, especially helped to expand the value chain by diversifying the business model.
SK E&C developed the world’s best tunnel-blasting technology called ’SUPEX-Cut’ through continued investment in technology, building trust in various projects, including tunnels, by boasting great technology. Also, our patented “Orchestra Blasting Method” enables efficient large-scale tunneling while minimizing noise and vibration. When it comes to bridges, SK E&C was the first in Korea to introduce the extra-dosed bridge that can take advantage of the structural advantages of PCS girders and cable stays, thereby greatly contributing to the improvement of design technology.
SK E&C will consolidate its position as a global infra player through its advanced technology, construction expertise, and great track record to provide the most innovative civil infrastructure demanded in Korea and other countries around the world.

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