Ex-President Park Geun-hye not guilty of receipt of bribes
Ex-President Park Geun-hye not guilty of receipt of bribes
  • Kim Jung-mi
  • 승인 2018.07.20 15:38
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Ruled by the Seoul Central District Criminal Court today

The Seoul Central District Court (Presiding Judge Sung Chang-ho) ruled today (July 20, 2018) that former President Park Geun-hye was not guilty of charges brought against her for alleged involvement in unauthorized use of the Special Operations Fund provided to her by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Previous President Park Geun-hye

According to a report published by Korean-language daily, Dong-A Ilbo, today, the court ruled that the money supplied to former President Park by the so-called ‘Gang of Three who controlled the door to the President’ was not bribery.

Presiding Judge Sung stated, “It is difficult to regard as bribes the money which was supplied by the director of the Central Intelligence Agency to the President.” Sung stated, “It appears that judging from the evidence materials collected the directors of the Central Intelligence Agency do not appear to have discussed in advance the supply of the Special Activities Fund to the President but that it appears that they passively paid the money on orders of President Park.

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