No new oubreaks, dequarantined people increase, quarantined ones decrease
No new oubreaks, dequarantined people increase, quarantined ones decrease
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Good news: MERS has begun declining!

The Central MERS Control Headquarters of the Ministry of Health & Welfare Central (CMCH of MHWH) disclosed today that as of 11 a.m. this morning (June 20) there has been no new outbreak of MERS in Korea for the first time since the the first confirmed case of MERS in the middle of last month. This was reported by Yonhap News this morning.

Also, the number of dequarantined persons have increased to 7,451 hanks to addition of 1,916 persons compared with the figure of the day before.

The quarantined people, too, have decreased by 733 persons to a total of 5,197.

The total number of confirmed MERS cases remained 166, same as yesterday--with no more outbreaks.

The number of deaths, too, remained the same with 24 persons, with no more death reported, which made the mortality rate of the MERS cases remain the same with 14.5%.

The number of released patients from the hospitals after complete cure has increased to six, bringiing the total to 36 persons. Now only a total of 106 persons are undergoing treatment in a quarantined state.

The 22 patients out of the 24 who have died due to MERS were over 60 years old and had originally had hypertension and diabetes.

Many people in Korea have expressed heart-felt gratitude to the nurses and doctors who have been working very hard under extremely difficult conditions, many of them even at the risk of their lives.

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