Bridge between national boundaries for helping people worldwide
Bridge between national boundaries for helping people worldwide
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German inventor has great admiration for a German Hotelier in Seoul

By Winfried Sturm (German inventor)
The deep friendship over more than 10 years between General Manager Bernhard Brender of Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul and German Inventor and High School teacher Winfried Sturm contributes to the cause of a close relations and rapport between Korea and Germany. Both are highly honoured persons, one honorary citizen of Seoul the other a highly decorated ‘German Teacher of the Year.’ Both of them are “Fighters for helping people beyond boundaries.”

Their intentions are to help build firm bridges between different nations, cultures and religions to open the minds of the people to speak and respect each other?and also for creating the base to live together in peace, freedom and tolerance.
Both of them believe that “we have to open our minds for understanding each other better and also try to accept the reality that we are all peoples living on the same planet, with peace in our heart and not manipulated by different cultures and religions.” They believe that in order to be successful people have to be goal-oriented and boundless in education. Physician Sturm states that this is one reason to be active worldwide in his function as an engaged ambassador for education in science and inventions.
“At this point,” says Sturm, “I give my hearty thanks to my friend Bernhard. He made it possible for me to build up an admirable friendship between us since the tragic death of my oldest son in 2006 when we met with each other here for the first time in Seoul when I took part in the Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF).” “GM Brender was on my side all the time to help me overcome my deep mourning and sadness,” reminisces Inventor Sturm.
The close relationship between the two 70-year-old friends was the reason for joint activities to help people worldwide who suffer from difficulties, harm and disability. Both believe in the fact that people are able to open their mind to understand each other only when they can overcome barriers of intolerance, egoism and individualism which often are the causes for misunderstanding, hatred and warfare.
Inventor Sturm is an engaged representative of his country, Germany, and also a very successful inventor and passionate teacher.
Annually since 2006, Sturm has been representing Germany among all the inventors from different countries at the Seoul International Invention Fair.
There he presented innovative high-tech inventions developed together with students and especially made for handicapped peoples to make their lives easier.
One of his special skills is to attract people as a wonderful magician by fascinating the visitors with unbelievable magic effects and earn a lot of interest for combining the thinking for innovative inventions by doing magic with incredible effects.
Physician Sturm said that he is happy to be invited by Korean Invention Promotion Association (KIPA) annually for SIIF events not only to be in Seoul as an inventor but also as a German who suffered from the same situation growing up in the Communist eastern part of formerly divided Germany. He remembers all the bad time he had in East Germany when he comes to Korea. Therefore, he is very sympathetic with the people in South Korea as he himself personally experienced the ill effects of a divided nation.
There was awarding at SIIF in December 2015 by the international jury the impressive recognition of KIPA, namely “Semi Grand Prize” and “Special Award” for Iran, Taiwan, Malaysia and Syria, for the high-tech invention shows the high standing of his student HAG-project

His intention is to build up the ties of cooperation with international institutions of education to learn more from each other. Every time he spent time in Korea Inventor Sturm visited schools, especially German School Seoul International to give some practical lessons in physics combined with magic effects to open the mind of the children for special viewing of the nature with sometimes strange, unbelievable and phenomenal appearances.
One of the unforgettable highlights was GM Brender´s traditionally arranged GHS-Welcome Dinner with outstanding close friends such as actual Head Coach Ulrich Stielicke of Korea National Football Team and his wife, Doris. Inventor Sturm contacted Uli in Korea and asked him for supporting his engagement for refugees in Germany in a very particular manner. His heart´s desire was football and a football shirt of Korea National Football team signed by the national team in order to earn some financial support for selling these by auction.

Once more Globe Trotter Inventor Sturm expressed his deep compliments as a sign of esteem for his close friend Bernhard Brender for humanity, selflessness and helpfulness.

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